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Elections 101: Can Pakatan Harapan Attract Young Dynamic UNDI18 Voters?

Malaysia Pakatan Harapan 2018 Elections

It is expected that the country will see an additional 5.8 million new voters in the next general elections and all political parties including Pakatan Harapan will be looking forward to these new voters voting for them. Image source: NST

However, be very mindful that the young voters are more tech-savvy, educated, well aware of the constraints & abuses of race and religion in their future development and are indeed quite concerned about the direction of the nation. The question is how attractive the current political parties are to these new voters.

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Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 21 September 2017


(Time for some snippets. We all are friends when your enemy is also my enemy. Pakatan Harapan in place of Pakatan Rakyat – they are better organised and led by experienced people in the political area but will they stick together when their individual objective clashes? Image source: The Malaysian Insight)

Hi folks, it has been some time since I last blogged – frankly speaking, I have been spending more time at other places (some DIYs at home, updating my Facebook, watching Youtube, playing games, etc) instead of blogging. But it does not mean I have not been keeping up with the snippets – unfortunately, there are more depressing news snippets on where this country is heading. In fact, this snippet post and the title had been on a draft mode for months and had undergone several edits so don’t be surprised if you are reading very old snippets here.

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Being a Mean, Angry Hulk in 2016!


(One of the best scene from the Avengers – Hulk vs a God and guess who won. I watched this scene probably hundred times and I never got bored with it. Image source:

It was “bang” leaving 2015 – we all watched the new Star Wars movie and we all loved it from the start to the end.

But ever since the start of a “new” year, hardly been a time when I was not in an “angry” mode. Don’t get me wrong – I am not angry with anyone in particular but now schools have started and parents rushing to send their kids to school and then rush to work, way too many idiots have sprout out and had made things worse.

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