Water Pollution 2020: Why We Are Not Punishing Everyone For Water Disruptions?

water disruption

Seriously I have lost count but once again, someone had polluted the rivers that caused the water supply in Klang Valley to be disrupted again. And once again, the act of polluting the rivers seemed intentional and with little regards to the welfare of thousands of consumers. If it is not considered as malicious sabotage, then what is it then?… [Click to read the rest] “Water Pollution 2020: Why We Are Not Punishing Everyone For Water Disruptions?”

Water Disruption 2019: We Want Names & Resignations!

water disruption

Water disruptions due to illegal dumping should not be happening in the developed state like the State of Selangor and yet we continue to get such incidents every year. Obviously there is a serious lack of enforcement and not taking strong actions to curtail illegal dumping. Image source: The Star

We just had a major water disruption 3 months ago when on September 23, it was closed due to contamination from Sungai Lalang near the Semenyih Hitech area, and a day earlier, it was shut down due to contamination believed to be from an illegal factory along Jalan Sungai Lalang.… [Click to read the rest] “Water Disruption 2019: We Want Names & Resignations!”

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