Blogging 101: It Has Been A Challenging Year 2020

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One has to admit that year 2020 have been a very challenging year, not only for the country but for everyone around the world. One main factor that had shaken everyone left, right and centre have been the COVID19 pandemic. Will things getting better in the coming year 2021? Image source: The Journal of mHealth

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Global Economics 101: Venezuela – Lessons Learned, Spoon Feeding Failure

Statista Venezuela refugees economy

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and yet the country is in a major crisis, not only from the aspect of the economy but also socio-political. It has now become one of the biggest economy refugees with almost 4.5 million of its population leaving the country due to economic hardships.… [Click to read the rest] “Global Economics 101: Venezuela – Lessons Learned, Spoon Feeding Failure”

World News 101: All About FinCEN Leaked Files

FinCEN US Banking Banks

Everyone reports information to FinCEN and this includes banks from unlikely countries like China. Bank transactions leave a trail of paperwork and footprints and this is how some people get caught. Image source: International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

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Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 21 September 2017


(Time for some snippets. We all are friends when your enemy is also my enemy. Pakatan Harapan in place of Pakatan Rakyat – they are better organised and led by experienced people in the political area but will they stick together when their individual objective clashes? Image source: The Malaysian Insight)

Hi folks, it has been some time since I last blogged – frankly speaking, I have been spending more time at other places (some DIYs at home, updating my Facebook, watching Youtube, playing games, etc) instead of blogging.… [Click to read the rest] “Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 21 September 2017”

Devastating Chennai Floods 2015 & Art of Prepping

prepping chennai flood water ration

Let’s talk about prepping which is another key aspect of this blog (the other is how Malaysians drive on the road and of course politics) and on the recent disaster in Chennai, India. Image source:

Read these first:-

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MH370: Time to Reassess the Shortcomings


(Substitute the chill beer, wine and other liquors on a board with locally made, sugar high cendol and a plane is guaranteed not to crash into the sea – so says a joker in Malaysia. Perhaps he is right but then again this is not the right time and the place to say these things.[Click to read the rest] “MH370: Time to Reassess the Shortcomings”

Largest Oil Spill

Photo caption: A May 17, 2010 satellite image provided by NASA shows a large patch of oil visible near the site of the Deepwater oil spill, and a long ribbon of oil stretched far to the southeast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Wednesday that a small portion of the slick had entered the so-called loop current, a stream of fast moving water that circulates around the Gulf before bending around Florida and up the Atlantic coast.… [Click to read the rest] “Largest Oil Spill”

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