Malaysia 101: When Stupidity, Stubbornness and Double Standards Mixed

COVID19 Malaysia

What really went wrong in Malaysia’s fight against COVID19?

Just when Malaysia almost able to bend the curve, it suddenly spiked up again and it is running loose now. Have we gotten lax in enforcement and maintaining our precautions? It is the same case with water disruptions in the state of Selangor – it is happening way too frequently these days. Image source: Our World In Data

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Movie Review: The Next Three Days 2010


(A must movie in your movie collection – Poster source:

If you are looking out for a good movie to watch, remember this name – Paul Haggis

The twice Oscar award winning screenwriter & director has done it again with “The Next Three Days” (TNTD) and if you thought “Crash” was damn good, it gets even better in this movie.

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History 101: The Notorious Pudu Jail Coming Down

Pudu Jail Prison History

(The famous Pudu Prison which has been in operation since 1895 and is a major landmark being torn down for future development – Images source: Wikipedia)

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In Prison Cell

(Picture source:

Sam woke up in cold sweat and having lost track of the time, he was disillusioned as to where he was.

Soon everything slowly comes back to his memory – the time spent in the courts, his friends and family members shying away from him, countless hours of interrogations both by the police and then by the lawyers and finally the judge finding him guilty as charged and sentencing him to the death sentence.… [Click to read the rest] “In Prison Cell”

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