World News 101: Hong Kong Peaceful Occupy Central Rally 2014

hong kong

(The first night of the protest in Hong Kong was bad with tear gas & pepper spray on the protestors and this prompted greater support for the rally but it is not something new here. Image source:

Well thing for sure, my trip this time has been screwed up big time and need to be rescheduled. There’s plenty of work that needs to be done and the last thing I need now is for a prolonged public protest and plenty of uncertainty.

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Hong Kong: The Home of Efficient Public Transport


(Comparatively Malaysia is not far from a very efficient public transportation system and with further extension to the LRT lines and the upcoming MRT lines, one hopes that it will close the gap in the current system. Perhaps we can learn one or two things from Hong Kong.  Image source: Google)

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Governance 101: The Chinatown Instant White Knights

Chinatown Petaling Street

(The city’s own Chinatown is along with the tourist spot, Petaling Street. This was the place where I bought my first true SLR and this is also the place where we used to go for new clothes for Deepavali. Image source:

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Childhood Memories: Part 18 – Wild Ride On Public Buses

bus childhood transport

(Toong Fong was one the bus that I took on a daily basis when I was still very young. I was not that old to take this model – lane: Chan Sow Lin Road but the Toong Fong logo on the side of the bus remained until it was absorbed into Intrakota. Image source: here)

Remember those days when some of us “used” to take the BUS? Some of you who use the bus for daily commute to work may be wondering what the hell BJ is talking about but I have to admit – it has been quite a while since I last took a bus (these days the routes have gotten so confusing).

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Childhood Memories: Part 17 – Excited Taking Train Up North

(The start of our journey on the trains, the old train station – Image source:

These days when I go back to my in-law’s house in Taiping for a well-deserved rest, we usually take the North South Highway and it takes us about 3 hours to reach. But there was a time in the late 70s and early 80s when we used to travel to Taiping by train during the festivals (very rare Deepavali celebrations in Taiping) or when someone had kicked the bucket or when someone very close was getting married.

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Poll: Bukit Antarabangsa

Free shuttle service (for distance of only 500m!), the contemplation of compensations, the proposal to grant free hotel accommodations, donation drive, the cheek to slam Minister who suggested the house buyers to share the blame, special session to debate on the incident in Parliament and now free taxi ride.

Does it look too “glaring” that the treatment given to the victims of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide is way too preferential compared to the treatment given to the “not so rich” victims of a similar tragedies?… [Click to read the rest] “Poll: Bukit Antarabangsa”

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