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History 101: Japanese Fascinating Tactical War in Malaya & Singapore 1941

Singapore Burning Japanese World War 2 Colin Smith Tactics Books

If one wants to read about the Japanese attack on Malaya and subsequently British stronghold in the Far East, Singapore and how they won the battle, this book titled “Singapore Burning: Heroism And Surrender In World War II” by Colin Smith is a great read.

The 620++ pages analyses in the detail the British High Command’s decisions and blunders that caused the fall of Singapore causing almost 85,000 Allied soldiers to be captured as prisoners of war.

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Living in a Dreamland


(Talking about being the dreamland, the image above has nothing to do with the post below but it’s damn funny. Just letting you know. Source: Malaysian Gags Facebook Page)

Yes, I am still here…

In the morning, one of the first things I do when I am away from the country, is to switch on the news channel (BBC & CNN preferred but if there is none, then the local news channel). It has been my habit since I started flying overseas for assignments. You will never know what would be the breaking news for the day.

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