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For Merdeka, please raise your hand!

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Tuanku Abdul Rahman: I raise my hand to shout “Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka”.

It was the pivotal moment in our country’s history when we finally said that we are going to do it OUR way. We are going to start anew…we are going to built a nation irrespective the color of our skin.

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Unknown Soldier: I raise my hand in victory over the enemies of this country.

When the time called on our warriors to fight for our freedom and security, they did it without a second thought. They fought and died for us. The National Monument shall forever remind us of their unselfish sacrifice and to ensure our patriotism does not fizzles away no matter where we are or what we are doing (picture source:

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A leader of a ruling party: I raise my hand for more handouts, monopoly from the government (and to show that I am serious about this, I do so with a keris in my hand).

After 48 years of Independence, there are some (regrettably in the position of being the nation’s leaders) who have forgotten about the true spirit of Merdeka.

Merdeka means being able to stand on your own two feet.

Well, so much so for celebrating Merdeka full heartily this year. Going back to my sleep now

Update: As requested by Yvy, I am drafting my Bahasa Kebangsaan blog titled “Merdeka Suatu Ketika Dulu” and will be up for 31.08.2005. Now, where did I put my Dewan Bahasa kamus (*digging out old books from the cupboard*)


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