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Imagine how our world will be if…

(Remember John Lennon and his famous song “Imagine”? He sang “Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try…Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do…Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can…” – Picture source:

Imagination can be a powerful mental exercise. If we imagine positive things, it can soothe the mind and feelings. If we imagine negative things, it can leave us feeling depressed and unhappy. Have we ever imagined how things will change if some things to happen?

Imagine how our world will be if:-

1. There is a device where at a press of a button, causes murderers, rapist, robbers, violent criminals and the corrupt to drop dead instantly.

2. All the people in the world are united under a single religion and a common culture

3. Local authorities are actually elected from the residents within the locality

4. A strong and dedicated opposition party wins the next general election with an overwhelming majority

5. A peace loving alien race decides to have the first diplomatic relationship with humans in this country

6. Death penalty was passed for offences involving queue jumping, road hogging and for unauthorized use of emergency lane

7. The minimum qualification to be a Member of Parliament is set high so that only the most dedicated and intelligent ones are qualified for one

8. Everyone carries an implant which alerts the police if they commit a crime

9. Proton is closed down and a newer car which is 3 times safer and 3 times more fuel efficient is introduced in the market for a price that is 3 times cheaper

10. We are fighting over petty racial issues, NEP, police brutality and other issues, not knowing that a killer asteroid is heading towards the Earth. It is likely to cause the end of mankind.

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