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Making money out of nothing?

Look at the above receipt

For anyone who has been going to Pasar Borong Selangor in Serdang, you would have paid an entrance fee of RM1.00. I have been paying it every time we stop by the market for shopping but I wonder why the entrance fee (further with a “service” tax included) is charged in the first place.

1. There is no covered car park – everyone park under the sun and rain (sometimes on top of “funny” looking debris)
2. There are no proper parking lots – everyone is parking to their whim and fancy, precariously fighting for whatever free spaces with lorries carrying fish & vegetables
3. There is no security in the “parking lots” – any “Tom, Dick & Harry” can walk in, smash the window or rob us and walk away scot-free

Further I am sure that the occupants of the market are paying rental for the use of the facilities and shops. This money is also being used for maintenance and other up keepings. So, why there is an entrance fees imposed in the first place? Is someone making money out of nothing?

If we calculate an estimate income…

Daily car entered (including lorries) about 100 cars (I am sure it is more but let’s take a simple figure). 100 x RM1.00 x 31 days = RM3,100 per month. Not much if you ask me. In fact, if you deduct the salary paid to the guys who collect the RM1.00 at the entrance (often look bored themselves), I dare say that the company has about RM1,500 for themselves every month.

RM1,500 of easy money for doing nothing other to collect it?

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