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The unexpected “Christmas Gift” from MAS to “MAS”


(MAS in the good old days when we were proud call it as our national carrier – Picture source:
Christmas was early in MAS; at least it was in the MAS Chairman’s office with a gift of RM1.5 million worth paintings to adorn his office walls

At times when MAS is increasing it’s airfare due to escalating expenses and keep posting huge losses, the last thing that we would expected from them is a RM1.5 million expenditure for some paintings. “Good” excuses were given by the Deputy Transport Minister of course – “maintain the stature of the place” and “the money came under MAS’ current expenditure”. He must been an idiot to utter the said excuses and expect people to buy it (sorry to say idiot but there is no other logical explanation). We won’t buy it of course but I can bet that some clowns in Parliament would with their eyes closed and open arms.

I wonder what kind of “benefit” the painting will give if it is placed in the MAS chairman’s office? MAS chairman Datuk Dr Munir Majid who has been in the news for coming up with some “drastic measures” to cut down cost, seems to pleasure him with a little luxury, a luxury of RM1.5 million. Oh course, we forget on the other “lame” reason given that it is part of the current expenditure. I suppose that the other unnecessary expense that is bogging down MAS is also part of the current expenditure? Way to go, MAS. At this rate, you will bleed yourself (and the nation) to death faster.

I admit that in the end it is a corporate decision of course – they can spend on whatever they want to spend but when the rakyat’s money is pumped into the company indirectly to keep it afloat, this is certainly going to raise our eyebrows. It demands a full accountability. If MAS had given RM1.5 million worth of air-tickets like what Air Asia have done, it would have been a better publicity to the carrier than just 3 paintings hanging in the Chairman’s office. The rakyat at least could have enjoyed something in return and propelled to support the carrier further.

Lim Kit Siang in his blog informed that Munir and Idris Jala told the Parliament that MAS is considering selling the paintings. Note the word – “considering”. If the allegations in MGGPillai are true, the resale value of the paintings may not even fetch couple of thousands of ringgit, it may even just cost RM300. That is a shortfall of almost RM1.2 million, down the drain. Lim Kit Siang asks who is going to bear the cost on the shortfall. Munir? Very unlikely! The rakyat? You are right on there.

So, is the RM1.5 millions is just a tip of iceberg or more “Christmas Gifts” are on their way for Munir and his gang in MAS?

Read the allegations on how MAS is wasting rakyat’s money with Munir’s free for all expenditure and Chris Andrews appointment at MGGPillai at here and here. . Fact or fiction? Judge it for yourself and you are left to wonder whether the Deputy Transport Minister is telling the truth to the Parliament?

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