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Driving Skills 101: Always Look Left, Right and Back Too

(Not looking at the road is also due to some morons distracted with their phones)

Aaarrrgghhhh I don’t understand how some people are driving! They have eyes that are positioned like their car headlights – they can only look front.

I was at Giant Puchong last week for a quick purchase of sundry items. The parking was full (as usual), so I dropped off my wife at the entrance (to kick start the shopping activity) and was driving around, looking for an empty spot.

I was on the “main” lane of the parking area when I saw a Kancil driven by a lady coming out from one of the parking lanes. Normally people will stop at the junction and cut into the main lane only if it is clear. Not this lady, she kept looking to the front, completely ignoring my car which was closing in. Damn, this looked like trouble brewing. When she was too close (ya, I also did not stop too, blame it on my ego lah – there is no way I am allowing her to have her way), I sounded my horn.

As if she had just woken, she turns around to see my car and immediately slammed on the brakes. I was smiling quietly from being able to notch a minor victory there.

This incident reminds me of another incident which occurred a couple of years ago when me and my friends were returning from a function in Penang.

We were cruising down on the highway – one of the department managers was in the van and we were chatting on the Penang trip. Suddenly this manager spotted our Head of Legal Division’s car up in front. So, we speed up and gave a short horn whilst we were side by side to her car. Despite the noises we made, she was looking up straight, not bothering to take a quick look to the right. I would have disregarded this and would have driven away.

But unfortunately, the rest of the guys were not happy and was determined to get her attention (probably because there was nothing much to do in the van). Once again we continued to horn and frantically waving our hands. Still, there was no reaction – she was fully focused on the front. I guess even if a huge truck running amok towards her, she would not be distracted from her view on the road in front. She finally saw us when we hit her car with a piece of crumpled paper (it took several tries though).

Looking at the road at the front is important but it should not be the only view that a driver should be looking whilst being on the road. When I drive, I am constantly looking at the front (most of the time) and at the left, right & rear mirrors (quick glances) because in order to have safe driving, it always pays to be extra alert.

Minor things like a speeding car (the one that often changes lanes without putting up indicators), motorcyclist changing lane at the side (especially when they are inches away from the front bumper) and sudden brake by traffic on the left or right can be easily detected with a good vision.

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