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Tech News 101: Windows & Linux Problem

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It may the case of Microsoft secretly adding an internal program that will cause the system to crash whenever it detects the user trying to install any operating system that is not Windows-based such as Linux.

That is what came to my mind when I tried to install Ubuntu Linux into my home PC.

First, the CD-ROM failed to work. It does not detect any Linux CD when I tried to boot from the CD-ROM. I opened the PC and rechecked the wires – all were attached properly. Then I thought the problem was perhaps due to a dirty lens, so I took a CD-ROM cleaner and cleaned it several times. The CD-ROM still failed to work.

Leaving aside the Linux installation, I thought it will be better if I leave things as it is until I could do more research in Linux forums. Guess what happened next?

The boot of Windows XP shows an error – missing pci.sys file. Windows XP failed to load as well. The so-called repair function that was shown on screen was rather useless – it also showed an error message and hastily exited to reboot.

Thinking that I had no other choice now but to try to install Linux (format the hard disc and then do a clean install of Linux), I keep trying to get my CD-ROM to work. I probably would have spent almost an hour tweaking on the CD-ROM when all the sudden it came alive.

I managed to reach up to the Ubuntu installation menu and press enter to start the installation. I thought I was “home free” with the installation but I was dead wrong. Barely 2 seconds into the installation, the system returned Linux Kernel panic error message. Damn, I have been screwed both ways – Windows and Linux.

Without the internet, it was an impossible job to check online for the cause of the kernel error message and what can be done to resolve them. It was even worse now since I am left with no PC to use for the holidays. There was no point in wasting time on the Windows-based system that seemed to have screwed the user for no reason.

So, feeling rather frustrated and tired, I switched off the PC and spend the time attending to my garden, car and family. Later that night, having nothing else to do, I just tried to boot the PC for the very last time just before going to bed (ya, I was silly but just wanted to give Windows one last chance) – I did not try to load the Linux CD and immediately the Windows XP was back.

Although I was angry with the Windows, its “unannounced return” was most welcomed especially when I badly needed it to download the photos from my digital camera. But Windows had the last laugh as the return from the dead was not without punishment for me – the CD-ROM still fails to work. In addition, the modem and the sound card failed to work either but although luckily the other things working.

It has been almost 4 days since I last used the CD-ROM, listened to music on my PC and surfed the net. Being at home without these things was almost the same as walking around with one leg tied up.

I am trying several options to tweak the setting and recheck the hardware drivers but if it is not going to work in the next few days, then I either need to look for a new CD-ROM (assuming my old CD-ROM has a hardware problem) to get the Linux installed or reinstall the Windows XP and forget about trying out Linux for the time being.

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5 thoughts on “Tech News 101: Windows & Linux Problem”

  1. don’t get it, alot of people trying to toy with linux but for what reason i really don’t know. world domination and monopoly does have its ultimate reason: every software company will be on the dark side.

    you get words/excel and all sure but when it comes to supports and all, you’ll have to rely on the forum (which you can’t access cuz your operating system’s @#@#) and that leaves you back with stone age tech.

    I have installed numerous Linux and even went all teh way with Free BSD (unix base) until i figure i’ll live longer with just converting to WINDOWS, yeah…i am a converters and i am proud. lol.

    if we’re talking bout viruses, yeah linux with open ports is like baby on a freeway. USE MAC instead 🙂

    i know you’re gonna still insist on using linux anyhow. i suggest you go and get yourself a swap drives and maybe 60g to start linux with instead of running TWO operating system in 1 HDD. Regardless of how you partition the damn thing or how you manage to get splitters to work.


  2. Bala,

    I think is a warning. Backup all your file before it’s too late. I use to backup file in my pc when I can’t boot or even some weird thing happen to my pc, even later I find out is not the hardisk problem. I have experience several times, when a hardisk is about to die, they will give some warning.


  3. Terenceg – Most of the client servers are running on Linux and most of the time I am clueless when it comes to Linux discussions. So, I thought I start to learn the basics. Linux installation did not pose any problem at the office. It works beatufully but for home pc, it is a different story. Anyway, you are right on the running of TWO operating system in 1 HDD. Support is another issue with Linux. It’s time to relook into the hardware aspect first before dealing on the software issue

    Bcgoh – Knowing things I do on my home pc, I rarely keep anything important on the HDD. I always make sure I have 2 backups of the important files (photos mostly). This is why I have no problem doing a complete formatting on the HDD. Anyway, probably my PC is just too “old” to handle the new programs. Thanks

  4. macha, if you want to test out linux, get a live cd… google the forum to see how you can save your work / settings of linux on thumbdrive, by doing this, you wouldn’t have any headache like… losing your data… 😉

    other option is to install some sort of virtualization software that will create a virtual computer within the computer… you can happily install anything you want… but do take note that, your system can slow down drastically…

    ok macha…!!!

  5. Nilesh – actually I am trying to boot from Ubuntu LiveCD to get it running from the LiveCD (I also tried Santa Fe LiveCD) but the problem seems to be that my CD-ROM is unable to detect any CD in it’s tray (including Window XP CD).

    I thought of using VMWare as an alternative but as you said, it will slow down the system. I suspect that my hardware is the cause – perhaps it’s time to start shopping for a new PC. 😀

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