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Rain…the story

The scene that greeted us when we arrived in Taiping after a 300++ kilometers drive from KL – it was raining “cats & dogs”.


We were tired and hungry but the cool rain that was sweeping Taiping when we arrived was a pleasant change. The Duracos adapted well to the wet road conditions but I did not take the risk of pushing them further. It still felt bulky and heavy – maybe because it was still new. I maintained a reasonable safe speed throughout the journey but safety was not the only reason for my “slow” driving – the risk of being summoned on the spot for speeding was the other reason. And luckily I made the right move – as there was a police road block near the Tapah R & R. Besides, since we left quite early in the morning, there was really no need for any rush drive to Taiping.

Talking about the trip to Taiping, this has been in our minds for sometime – to go to the Taiping Zoo (the last time we went, we opted for the Night Safari but it was too dark for my son to enjoy) and to the Maxwell Hill (the last time I went, I was just 10 years old). Taiping Zoo and Maxwell Hill has always been in our itinerary whenever we go to Taiping but as usual, something will come up causing us to cancel our plans as well. We were determined to go this time around, no matter what was the reason.

However, nature did not agree to our plans – it was raining when we arrive, it was raining when I took out the car for a wash, it was raining in the evening, it was raining in the night, it was raining in the wee hours of the morning and it was raining whenever we wanted to go out. The only it did not rain was when we were about to leave Taiping back to KL and when my son was fast asleep.

To make things worse, my son and my wife was down with a fever and flu. I guess the weather and the cold water in Taiping did not go well with them. Luckily for me, I was able to hold on throughout our stay in Taiping. Otherwise having 3 sick people in a car on a 300++ kilometers journey would have been one hell of a ride.

My son was down with a fever and flu and opted for a good sleep throughout the day. We had some tough time feeding him though. Due to the fever, he lost his appetite. So, we had to come up with several menus for him to taste and eat. We managed to get him to eat something before he takes his medicines. Once he is on medication, he becomes drowsy and goes for his sleep. A good sleep helped him to recover a bit but it was not much. So, we were holed up in the house and had nothing much to do other than eat, sleep and watch kiddies shows on Astro. I have no complaints though – I managed to get the badly needed sleep while I was here.

So, 3 days in Taiping and we could not go to the Taiping Zoo or the Maxwell Hill (it would have been suicidal to go during a thunderstorm).

Damn, we need to rearrange the trip again the next time.

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4 thoughts on “Rain…the story”

  1. hhmm….ur son’s sleeping as if he’s hunched over. is it comfy like that? its pitiful to see kids sick. 🙁 good thing they are recovering.

    i like ur rain shots. i took them before hoping to get the similar result but all i got was a blanket of white light. 🙁 maybe it’s coz of my cam?

  2. Yvy – ya, sometimes my son like to sleep in that way but only for a while. He will then turn to sleep in the normal position.

    The shutter speed when I took the rain shot was 1/660 seconds. So, perhaps you need to play around with the cam setting to get the picture right.

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