The Beer Walk

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“7.00 pm – meet u at the front gate, free beer + dinner, bring friends”

So was the SMS message on my colleague’s hand phone in the morning and several times in the afternoon. My colleague, Alex had a friend who was throwing up a function at the tavern in the Guinness’s beer factory in PJ. So his buddy asked him to come for the function and bring along couple of friends as well.

Our working hour ended at 5.30 pm, so going for a short drink after that at the beer factory looked very tempting. Alex managed to gather a couple of us to go for the function. But at the last minute, I could not go because I had a late night meeting. But at about 6.00 pm, we managed to down for a teh tarik before I head back for the meeting and the guys led by Alex headed to the beer factory. When I finished the meeting, I got a call from Alex saying that they were at the pub near the workplace and asked me to join in for a drink. It was late but I guessed I had time for a drink before going back home. At first, I thought these guys had a good drinking session at the tavern in the beer factory but did not have enough of it and decided to walk back to the pub near the workplace to continue drinking. Apparently it was not the case.

This is what Alex told me…

After finishing their tea, Alex with another 3 colleagues decided to walk to the beer factory. Based on Alex’s estimation, it will not take long because the factory is just about 50 – 100 meters away from the office (and so he thought based on the distance he calculated when he traveled by car). After walking for 100 meters, the building that they thought was the beer factory turned to be a different building. So they kept on walking and after a kilometer, they saw in a distance the beer factory. When they finally reached the main gate, the guard came down from the guard house and pointed 2 fingers at them. Alex explained about the function and the guard asked them to enter through another gate which was another 200 meters away (the 2 fingers means 200).

So Alex and the guys continued walking…

After a long 200 meters walk, they reached another gate but it was locked and small signboard displayed an arrow and the word “300 meters”. Feeling tired but since they were close, they continued with the walk. After they have finally reached the main gate, they reported themselves to the security guard who informed that the mentioned function is not listed in the day’s itinerary. At this point, Alex had to calm the rest of the guys who was panting for air after the long, long walk that there must be some misunderstanding. He tried to call his friend and the host but was not successful. Couple of minutes has gone before the call went through and Alex came back with a disbelief face. Apparently there is a function scheduled at the beer factory but unfortunately it was on the next day.

The guys dreaded the thought of walking all the way back, so they took the easy way by taking a cab.

Disappointed for not able to go for free (unlimited) beer, Alex decided to treat the guys for beer (yes, he was disappointed as well) at the pub nearer to the workplace. I guess they were finishing their 4th jug when I walked in and joined them for short while. When I checked with Alex the next day, he told me that they ordered another 4 jugs after I left and they will be going to the beer factory today as the date and time has been reconfirmed. Free beer is too tempting to be missed.

However, this time, he said he will take the car instead! Tag: Jokes

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2 thoughts on “The Beer Walk

  1. haha….this is sad! The only time I walk for beer is in singapore, from one end I walk to another to find good beer. The microbrewery beer are tasty and fresh. That every free flow party is a good party, should call me next time…cheers!!!

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