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3, 2 and 1


Oh boy, my wife was upset with me last weekend…

You see, she had promised her younger sister to follow her to pick the saree for her wedding and being the one who can drive her to the shop, she dutifully informed me. Both of our understanding on this little shopping trip was that:-

1. It is going to be in Klang (where my wife did her last shopping and simply loved the selection) and more importantly;

2. It is going to be done early in the day (the latest is before 5.00 pm).

My wife has been talking about the “Klang” trip for couple days now to her younger sister and on how the place that she shopped the last time was great with various choices. I rushed back on Saturday from Taiping so that the whole of Sunday can be utilized for this shopping activity.

Sunday came and we were up early in the morning. I even rushed to do a minor service to the car for the trip which we expected to be start around 3 in the afternoon. So, we gathered it will take about 2 – 3 hours to select the best saree for the ladies (and perhaps 10 minutes to pick the shirt for the guys) and then we can go for dinner in Klang and be back home by 7.00 pm.

We waited, waited and waited…

The call finally came in at about 7.30 pm and it was from my wife’s elder sister. I immediately knew that my wife’s elder sister is going to mess up the whole plan and in the end, that is what exactly happened. The plan was changed upside down – now the shopping starts about 8.30 pm and is limited to one small shop in Lebuh Ampang (the place which is notorious for heavy traffic, limited parking space and flash floods). Not helping to persuade me to agree on this “last minute” change of plan was the fact that it has been raining non stop for last 2 hours. 2 hours of rain in KL will only means one thing – flash flood. Even my wife was not happy with the sudden change of place to shop but since she had promised her younger sister, she wanted to go.

But I disagreed on the whole plan and told my wife that we will go for own shopping. The time and location picked by her elder sister was not good and it is a rush. Imagine also these facts:-

3 ladies buying saree

2 hours for shopping

1 same design for everyone

Do you think this is possible? We can manage 2 hours of shopping but 3 ladies agreeing on the same design in 2 hours – possible? Location picked was even worse.

Based on my past experience with my wife shopping for saree, I sensed that we are going to be in for a long day if I decide to go. So, I said no even though my wife was trying hard to convince me that all she needs is just 1 hour for shopping. It is not that I did not want to take her for shopping with her sisters but why rush for a limited choice of clothes when we could have done in a more leisure way next week. I did not the like of driving through the heavy rain at night.

So, in the end, we did not go and of course my wife was abit upset of the whole change of plan.

Her sisters got my wife 2 sarees (same design for everyone) for the wedding and dinner – one she liked but the other she did not (she said the color choice was bad). I guess now that my son and I need to stop by the shop to pick our own clothes for the wedding and perhaps buy my wife another saree for dinner but there is plenty of time for that.

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3 thoughts on “3, 2 and 1”

  1. Visi – Ya, I agree…KL + Rain = Big Mistake! I really wondered what is the rush?

    Kavilan – You will face this when the time comes – then like me, you can blog about it. hahaha

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