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Series of unfortunate events

Just one more day to go…

But what a day it was yesterday when we had the day off from work. Firstly I accidentally dropped my shampoo bottle and it hit dead on the main pipe head. The pipe burst and started to flood my bathroom and mind you, it was cold water. By the time I managed to shut down the pipe (after struggling to look for the head), I was drenched in cold water. It took me some time before I got warmed up under several sheets of blanket.

And when I went to confirm my ticket, I was told that I need to go the main office to reconfirm it. That main office looked near from the hotel but actually I had to walk almost 200 meters, alone in Kabul street. It was almost looked foolish for a foreigner to be walking in Kabul but I made it to and fro safely and in one piece (I walking very fast and nearer to armed guards). I guess the Talibans must have missed the lonely Malaysian in the streets of Kabul.

But all ended well – the pipe was fixed by the hotel maintenance team (without any questions asked) and I got my confirmation without any hassle (without being kidnapped).

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