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Hindraf Rally 2007: Realistic Way Out?

Hindraf Indian

Hindraf, an Indian NGO is proposing to do a protest rally to hand over a petition to the British High Commission end of this week. You would have also heard (likely in disbelief) of the legal suit against the British Government for a cool USD4 trillion – that would have made all Indians in Malaysia millionaires. Image source: Malaysiakini

If you have noticed, lately, there is been a growing “fashion” to protest via street rally – the Bar Council did one in Putrajaya and lately, we had the successful BERSIH march to the royal palace. Now we have Hindraf’s protest. The question that we need to ask is whether it is worth it?

Hindraf has listed a couple of issues in their memorandum and is asking the British Government to do among other things, move an emergency UN resolution against Malaysia and refer the Malaysian Government to the World Court. High call at the end of the day but are things really bad that we have lost hope of getting justice from our representatives in the Parliament or the Government?

So much so that we are now turning to a foreign country to cry justice? I know that Parliament has been a big circus as long as I could remember it and the Government seems to have its own agenda depending on the day and season.

So, it seems that it all left to NGOs to carry the burden on getting justice for the oppressed. Hindraf in the past been rallying on many pressing issues – particularly on the demolition of temples but it has fallen on deaf ears and so now, they have taken one step further. This will be interesting to watch on the outcome.

Of course, the Government and MIC, as expected, were quick to paint the rally as illegal and that is the work of the opposition party (standard excuse). The police, as expected, rejected the application for a permit but added the usual “you can appeal” statement after the rejection. There already warnings and threats for those wanted to participate but again, we are left to wonder who the “real” trouble makers here are. Surely things are not so rosy for the Indians here in Malaysia – poverty, religious discrimination, lack of educational opportunity and gangsterism just to name a few, been hogging the community for some time now and at certain places, there is really no light end of the tunnel.

That brings me to Kavilan’s “The Malaysian Indian Dilemma” post.

In essence, we need to realize that we can make the change if we put our mind to it. Throw away the “minority” and “inferiority” notion whenever one is talking about the Indians in Malaysia. We have been “carrying” the minority tag for far too long. The more people talk of us as the “minority”, we probably will end there and stay there too. We don’t need others to say that we are the minority and as such need to be helped. We don’t need the pity because we know we are much better than that.

Coming back to the Hindraf’s rally, for an outsider looking at the situation in Malaysia, doesn’t Hindraf move seems strategic?

Considering that a group of “minority” asking an ex-colonial master seems to say a lot of things about the current government. It also paints a very undesirable picture of the party who is claiming to champion the rights of the minority – MIC. After the 10-Eleven rally and the “boo-boo” that our Information Minister did in Al-Jazeera interview, “Mr Clean” image of Pak Lah is eroding fast in the eyes of the international community.

Forget about the USD4 trillion – Hindraf may be wasting good money for the proceedings than getting one but perhaps that is not the point. The point is generating enough publicity not only in Malaysia (yes, there is still Indians in the false dream state) but also internationally. And never underestimate international pressure on a government.

And consider this, Hindraf’s plans if well executed, will generate the right amount of publicity and force the government to sit up and take note. Already many in government is “sleeping” under the false notion of a Ketuanan Melayu” and as such, been giving the wrong priority to the wrong issues for many years now.

We may be a “minority” as some may paint us to be but it certainly does not mean we are weak too. If we focus on unity, higher ethics, hunger for good education and living by good values & principles, we are unlikely to be whacked around as how it is happening now.

We need to build more networks among the community and start sharing our ideas and know-how and we may achieve something that MIC or any political party have said but not done anything all these years.

Hindraf’s protest is a bold move but the change should start with the Indians themselves. There is plenty of work to be done to change their mindset and having protest is not a good start. As Kavilan rightly pointed out – there is a wrong impression of Indians in Malaysia. Work out that first before we can say our fight for justice is worthwhile.

Stop thinking like a minority – we may still have a more realistic way out.

14 thoughts on “Hindraf Rally 2007: Realistic Way Out?”

  1. guys who cares about the money…..when some idiots keep saying minority…but the whole country and those racist idiots are now in dilema coz of this minorities……..right time to voice out……

  2. This Rally is being organized at a Right Time, since CHOGM is currently underway which brings Head of State of India on a SAME ‘table’ with our Prime Minister. Taking into account India was a live line for Dozens of Malnurished GLC/ Bumi companies. So anything to transpire fr 2day shall be bourne by Badawi with other V-VIP’S, would potrait a very uncivalized
    Malay government. Secondly I Belive that all action taken by the Government at the moment are slighty softer than on Mahathir’s era. Thirdly all praises shall go the U.S.A (BUSH) for not signing the Free Trade Treaty due to the AFFIRMATIVE Policy of Malaysian Government..

    The most important BLESSING to come out from tomorrow’s Rally shall be not the LAW SUITS, RIGHTS OR ETC. But a Headline that reads ‘ 50 years ended so all INDIAN BROTHERS & SISTER SHALL MARCH TOGETHER as 1 VOICE WITH A HUGE POTENTIAL TO SHIFT ANY FEUDAL SLAVERY…

  3. i reli don noe wad to say..
    y is all tis happening..
    y must ppl destroy indians temple..??
    im an christian n i stil feel for the indians when i saw the cd of hindraf..
    it was really cruel..
    i thought m’sia is a democratic country..
    then y must the government do tat to the indians..
    they have their right to live freedomly in tis country..

  4. Hindraf – we all behind of u. dont worry. we alyways there to protect u and our community.
    i can destroy my self for my religion. i can do what ever in future if there have any intrupption to my religion in this country.

  5. yes i guess it is cruel to stop or demolish other people of religion. But the indian must realise that is not right to built temple where ever they like they must now there is law and regulation to built a mosque , temple or what ever place of workship. en the goverment demolish a surau which were built illegally , so this is not the question of discrimination. It is very strange there are so many temple with in 1 km area .please be realistic and if the indian willing to sacrific anything to protect thir temple so do we muslim we are perpare to do anything please bear in mind my indian brother

  6. please do remember without the malay vote they wl be no indian in parliment….rememebra that my brother please appricaiate tthe sacrifice done by the malays

  7. wat d point indian in parliment mr ali osman?? remember wat happen 2 datuk sothi when he voiced out bout ukraine medical university issue??
    mr. osman v wont 4get all tad..

  8. you r rite rukesh…i wonder y do we malaysian r not like the old days…i m 49..i use to have a lot of indian friends when i was in primary school we play together even depavali i visit my friend but now all the good moment has gone…can u xplain this …y mr rukesh…i feel so sad when i heard all this tru tv…i know it is not riite for tha goverment o demolish…..any temple in malaysia…unless they resite it…but tehe problem is mr rukesh..there r too many temple…let say with in 1km radius…for instance like in my place with in 1 km there r 5 temple….so is that logic mr rukesh? as u can see there are comment made by your collegue that the indian will fight back…so do u think that is dangerous mr rukesh….i belive the malay will not just sit quietly if the indian do somthing then so at the end of the day what will happen?….nobody will win or lost like malay proverb say…..menang jadi arang kalah jadi abu…let say the indian were to be the majority in u think the indian will take care of the malays…like what happen in malaysia now.Do u think that the indian will allow the malay to have their own party? so i stongly believe that we should change the present goverment

  9. as u can see my rukesh..comment by mr arjun is very dangerous he is willing to commit self suicide ….then the malays will difinitely wil retaliate …so where does this going to end mr rukesh? I know thw goverment is not doing enough for the indian community i m not against any effort made by the goverment to improve the indian community in malaysia..the question is…is the goverment sincere? or just to gain support from the indian to win the election.. our society is a multi racial…and it is very fragile. But i belive what happen in kl to day is an eye opener for the goverment not to neglected totaly teh indian community demand..especially about gangterism among the indian youth.about the indian economy too the goverment should consider too. Do u know that in nilai…there malays and the indian almost clash each other there almost a fight between malays and indian and this is very dangerous…i believe thousand of malay from all over the country will come to kl in case a riot happen…the malays will not just sit now and do noting i cam assure u that. I really dont like that to happen because it will cause a alot of innocent life regardless the life of malays or indian. so i guess we have to have a more commited goverment

  10. I predict taht one day there will be a big clash among the chinese , indian and the malays…but i really pray to ALLAH that this will not happen..let sit down together and discuss openly…if the clash happen malaysia will be in deep trouble…let hope this will not happen

  11. Hindu temple issue is a sensitive issue – it is true that there are unnecessary number of temples and I for one, feels better if these temples merge into one but the problem is, the temple issue has not been properly handled by the authorities – the high handed tactics is very questionable and is one of the cause of the Saturday rally.

    It will be better to leave to the Indians themselves to start closing down illegally erected temples and move them to one proper site with several temples are merged and properly managed. Same goes to other religions – let’s not loose our cool heads on this sensitive issue.

    Arun – I have to disagree with your notion as it is unnecessary and can be wrongly taken. We don’t advocate violence – we can advocate defiance, not violence.

    It’s time for us to think ourselves as Malaysian and not Malay, Chinese or Indians. We been doing that for far too long and what it has got us to? Nothing. We remains un-united and weak and easily exploited by the rich and powerful.

    Hindraf’s rally is an eye opener for the Government to start looking into the Indian issue seriously and not brush off as trivial. Otherwise, the problem will only get worse.

  12. Mr. ali Osman….for you information why there is no agama reserve land for hindu temples and church ? and why cant chiristian build a church in malaysia…..who set all this rules……..we are not racist but…..we are demanding for our human rights….how many of malays know that 70% of bahasa malaysia are taken from tamil and sanskrit……whay all this data deleted from history books….who is responsible for this…….?

  13. These stupid polis. They are only good getting bribes from Massagr parlour and SPA centers. I am a frequent customer who goes for massage regularly and sometimes the massage parlours in cheras and pudu got raided when i am sitting there. I got some opportunity to video tape the polis taking some bribes during the massage parlour raids and will be posting it on the web soon.

    (Edited by Admin – this is not the place to promote videos – any evidence should be turned in to the respective authorities or your constituent representatives)

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