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“I’m Back Home”

That was the statement heard several time from the backseat of my car after I had fetched my wife and my son from the hospital.

My son was discharged in the afternoon but I could only fetch them late in the evening. As I was waiting for them at the front of the emergency ward, I was indeed felt anxious to see my son in good health.

Suddenly I heard someone shouting “Appa” very loudly – I turned and saw my son running towards me with arms extending for me to catch and carry him. He held me for couple of minutes and said “I’m back home”. He was active as usual. Many of my relatives visited him at home – the important being my grandma who stayed back for the night.

My son surprisingly was obedient when taking his dinner and medicines. He even slept on time! He must have missed home so much.

Tomorrow will be a whole new story, of course…

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