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Childhood Memories: Part 11 – Our Luxury Once A Year KFC Fast Food

KFC restaurant fast food

(Way before other fast-food restaurants got our attention, KFC was the only one that we encountered and yet it was a luxury to eat here. Image source: Ktchn Rebel)

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Kentucky vanterechi, Kentucky vanterechi, Kentucky vanterechi, Kentucky poyeerechi, Kentucky poyeerechi, Kentucky poyeerechi.

This is the usual “tune” that myself and my siblings used to sing as we pass the KFC restaurant along with Jalan Kuchai Lama back in the 1980s.

My dad usually takes this route when we are coming back from our grandma’s house. There is a KFC restaurant just near the Ajinomoto factory. One day, after he had an extra bonus from his boss, he took us there for a treat.

So, whenever we pass this place, we start to sing the “Kentucky vanterechi, Kentucky vanterechi, Kentucky vanterechi” (Kentucky is coming, Kentucky is coming, Kentucky is coming) but our parents would ignore our “songs” and my dad will drive on back to our house.

Fast food was a “high, high” luxury item during that time.

As we pass the KFC restaurant, we will sing “Kentucky poyeerechi, Kentucky poyeerechi, Kentucky poyeerechi” (Kentucky is going, Kentucky is going, Kentucky is going). This is the usual thing that we do.

But once my dad surprised us when he heard us singing – he turned to the restaurant and we had fried chickens- our parents did not eat and we all shared one plate.

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