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Indian Cinema 101: World’s Sharpest Serious Shooter

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This must be one of the best shooters I ever saw!

His skill of shooting is so “sharp” that he can hit the two nuts that hold the plane’s wheels almost simultaneously whilst the plane is speeding towards the hero!

The only “let-down” is that the part where the shooter pulls out the two shotguns from his pockets instead of from proper a gun holster! What if it went off whilst it is still in the pockets? That would have been painful!

Seriously, folks, the serious matter about this scene is that it is not a comedy scene, haha.

2 thoughts on “Indian Cinema 101: World’s Sharpest Serious Shooter”

  1. LOL!!!

    even Capt Vijayakanth didnt attempt anythg like that yet….

    no point arguing about physics there… coz then we cudnt have so much comedy!

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