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Just one day before the start of NaNoWriMo 2009 and to tell you the truth, I have yet to firm up the plot for this year’s writing month. I have some plots in mind but yet to decide which of it will allow me to write at least 50,000 words.

In the meantime, for the last one week, I have been busy polishing up my NaNoWriMo 2008’s piece titled “The Malayan U Boat”.… Click to read the rest

Persian Language 0 (0)


Photos – Iranian currency of rial

The name Iran means the Land of the Aryans (source: Wikipedia) and it is not a big surprise when we find common Hindi words in Farsi (or rather common Farsi words in Hindi).

There are couple of Hindi words that we use here quite often – dosth (friend), yek (one), panj (five) and chai (tea).… Click to read the rest

Fine Persian Dining in Tehran 0 (0)

The Iranian shopkeeper near to our Tehran apartment often hear me saying “Morq…morq….” and he would laugh. Morq is one of the few Persian words that I know to communicate when we are hunting for our sundry for a cook out at the apartment. By the way, Morq means chicken in Farsi and one need to know this so that one doesn’t end up getting beef or mutton or unknown meat for food.… Click to read the rest

Deepavali Abroad 0 (0)


Photos – (no photo of the restaurant or the food but will take it on the next trip there) Sunset reflected off the window of our apartment. The dust is a major irritation here.

I can’t recall but this is probably the third time I am celebrating Deepavali far from home and family

The first year I did that was quite painful especially when my son had just born and it suppose to be the first year to celebrate it as one family.… Click to read the rest

Mega Traffic 0 (0)

If there is one thing that catches ones’ eyes in Tehran would be the traffic jam.

The motorists here use more of their horns and brakes to move along the morning traffic jam. In between we have motorcyclists whom many do not wear helmet and pedestrians who crossing the road. When one is walking and crossing roads in Tehran, one need to look left, right, front and back because you will never know when a fast car can drive towards you.… Click to read the rest

Fantastic Trip to Iran: The Eagle Have Landed 0 (0)

Despite the age of the Iran Air’s Jumbo, the landing in Tehran’s newest international airport was surprisingly very smooth but even so, almost everyone clapped when the plane safely landed and that got us worried (clapping means the landing is not smooth most of the time?).

2 days before the departure has been a kind of marathon run on shopping – there were plenty of new clothes and items needed to be bought and that includes the usual packets of 3-in-1 oats and Maggi Mee (the usual suspects for Malaysians traveling abroad).… Click to read the rest

Comments & Moderation 0 (0)

Sorry guys but approval of moderated comments is offline for now (certain sites have been blocked in this country). I will see whether I can bypass the blockage. In the meantime, please continue with your comments. Thanks

Update 1: Now I have access (not sure it is due to some proxy that I am using or the access been allowed nationwide).… Click to read the rest

Travelling 0 (0)

2 days of marathon shopping and then flying into a ‘hot’ area in an ageing Boeing 747 is not my idea of flying for overseas job but so far things has been interesting. Internet is a bit patchy at times and there is plenty of ‘official’ work to be done. Hopefully I will have time to upload the photos and write the corresponding story.

Photo Blog Relaunched 0 (0)


After long stagnant months, the photo blog have been revamped and relaunched thanks to 2 recent events, namely:-

New cameraSony A230 as opposed to the older low function Fuji A210 and allows more opportunity for manual settings with larger file capacity

WordPress’s new templateDePo Square which allows more widget and a cleaner layout whilst still maintaining plenty of space for a larger photo display

Please do hop over to my photo blog (the link is in the sidebar as well) and please do give pointers, comments and tips.… Click to read the rest

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