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Economy 101: Riding High & False Syiok Sendiri On Taxpayers

Rosmah Newspaper Ad Taxpayers money

(This revelation that the Government used taxpayers money to waste on an almost RM1 million syiok sendiri advertisement had me and many others fuming with anger. Image source: The NutGraph)

Syiok sendiri (or a variant of it) means self-induced happiness or self-induced glorification.

It is apparent that nothing is left unturned to make one spouse of a politician have a bigger head (and status) than of the real First Lady of Malaysia.

Thus one strong reason why we kick the current government hard on their balls and thereafter out of the system:-

A recent two-page spread in the New York Times, costing thousands of US dollars and featuring the prime minister’s wife, was placed on behalf of the Malaysian government

The response from New York Times executive director of community affairs and media relations, Diane McNulty, reveals that the ad was not placed by private individuals, as suggested by the last line in the ad’s congratulatory message…

….research on previous full-page ads taken out in the New York Times suggests that the cost of such advertisements ranges from US$180,000 to US$230,000. This amounts to between RM580,000 and RM740,000 for a one-page ad.

(Source: The NutGraph)

Firstly what waste of taxpayers’ hard-earned money?

The sum of RM740,000 is not chicken feed in Malaysia. It is a clear case of civil servants under BN treating taxpayers money as their personal piggy bank and all to glorify someone who is not even in the Government.

By taking a welcome ad in a foreign newspaper (no doubt there is a wide exposure) of someone not related to the Government, of someone not on official duty, just how that money spent benefits the rakyat – the taxpayers?

The same amount of money could have been used for infrastructure upgrades or for schools, etc.

Can the Government if want to show that they have changed, give the breakdown of expenses, incurred by this so-called first lady of Malaysia during her husband’s trip to the US?

Just how much was spent on shopping and how of it came from her own 2 pockets, etc?

Is RM740,000 for a stupid ad, the tip of the iceberg?

Secondly why it was concealed and made to appear as if private individuals have placed the ad when it was not.

The ad stated “best wishes from family and friends in USA and Malaysia”.

Now it looks like that the “family and friends” was nothing but a sham at the highest level and almost ended in a major cover-up.

The Government knows if the truth was out (and truth did come out), there is going to be a public call for someone’s blood. And we want blood; we want someone to be hanged in the highest pole just to teach others a lesson – back off from taxpayers money. Just who approved the purchase of the ad in the first place?

BN may have won the last by-elections in Hulu Selangor and claim that the people’s confidence in them is back but screw the whole lot – we all know what really happened in Hulu Selangor.

The latest revelation on how the Government continue to waste millions whilst doing some PR wayang kulit is just the reason why they deserve to be kicked out into the wilderness in the next general elections.

Blatant waste of taxpayers money by some quarters of the Government has been cancer to Malaysia for a long time now (remember the idiot who wasted RM48,000 of public money for a car number?) and it is leeching away the nation’s wealth.

It is high time for the butcher’s knife to be out to cut out the cancerous cells. The way to do that is to take a stand in the next general elections.

Enough with misuse of taxpayers money in the open! Enough with this nonsense!

6 thoughts on “Economy 101: Riding High & False Syiok Sendiri On Taxpayers”

  1. Laughably foolish! An embarrassment to the PM, but not the majority of the Malaysian people. If he is not careful, she will cause his downfall.

    Le’s see what Pua has to say about this in parliament.

    1. I just realised RM740,000 is for one page ad and these morons had taken 2 page ad…which amounts to almost RM1.4 million of taxpayer’s money. Najib should leave the nonsense aka exposure hungry wife back home whenever he is on official work overseas. Malaysia can save alot of money.

  2. Dear B.Joe

    Thank you for speaking up for the rakyat on this issue and also for the link to my blog.

    Take care and happy blogging!

    Best wishes

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