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Blogging 101: Breaking Up Long Posts Into Series

Steve Jobs Fashion Blogging Series

(Steve Job’s same style of shirt, jeans and shoes over the years – this looks like a series too. Image source: Pinterest)

Well, sometimes I am full of creative juice that I can write a lot – a simple “yes or no” email ends up becoming a one-page detail analysis. I do try to keep things simple and easy but once I get too excited, I do tend to forget to limit my words.

The same thing happens in my blog especially I have come back from a recent overseas trip or some important event have taken place or when I am feeling really, really angry, words come to my mind very naturally.

Instead of writing one long post, I do tend to break it into several parts for reasons – 1. It is easier to read because it is “shorter” 2. It keeps up the anticipation (there are readers who ask me when Part 2 is coming up) and 3. It covers me when I faced with writer’s block (I don’t have to think of a new post)

Since there are times, I need to continue with the next part of the “long” post or I need to talk about the next version of the same post, I need to do plenty of searches in my blog.

Considering that it will be helpful for me and the readers, I consolidated the series under a separate page titled “Read the Series!

Please do enjoy them…

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