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Movie Making 101: Anti Piracy Pirates

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What makes a modern pirate in the modern world and especially on the world wide web? Image source: PIT Journal

As you all know Rajini’s latest movie – Enthiran has been released (read the seedy review here).

It has been said that this is one of the most expensive movies to be produced by the Indians. And due to this and to the main actor’s die-hard fans, there seems to be a dedicated effort to stamp out piracy.

After all, in the age of the Internet, broadband, torrents, file sharing sites and plenty of cheap external hard space, watching the latest movie in crystal clear copy is not something hard to get.

Remember several years ago when the pirates (in good old Malaysia) even “release” Steven Spielberg’s movie in night markets even before the movie was completed?

So, with this expensive movie, the producers must be biting their nails to get back their huge investments with a loadful profit too and free downloads (whilst may not stop genuine moviegoers from watching it in the cinemas) may create a small dent in their profit margin.

So, the fans (and probably the producers) came up with a brilliant idea – to report those links that are providing illegal downloads and to block and stop the download.

And they have been successful to some extent – the more established file sharing sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload have taken note and have taken the files out from their servers. But the pirates have enough sites from where they can host the files and open them up for download.

But here is the best joke of all – the links from where the pirates are hosting the illegal files are being identified and kind of “promoted” by…..the very fans who wanted to report them and stop the illegal downloads (although some sites have managed to cover this loophole after the initial blunder). Talk about the irony of things!

P.s. as for me, I am waiting for at least a month before watching the movie in the cinema (to get the best seats without the crowd) unless my son gets the better of me and get me to get the tickets early….

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