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NaNoWriMo 2010: Exciting Storytelling Day 6

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Continuing from Day 1, my entry for this year’s NaNoWriMo is titled “The Aryan Wind”…a mix of espionage, adventure and mystery.

As of today, I managed to crawl about 10,011 words – just meeting the required daily entries of 1,666 words. Compared to last year, this year things have been slow – travelling is hampering the time to sit down and write and then there is the issue of getting a good plot down.

For now, in the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I am just whacking enough words on a very loose plot to get to the finishing line and as always, need to spend another couple of months to brush up an illogical plot into a logical plot.

Here is a short excerpt of what I have done todate:-

John remained silent – he is not sure where his team stands between the powers that are involved and why the betrayal.

“Let’s think about this another time, Joseph. We are on the run, we need to strategize. You better take rest – you been injured and you need to recover. Besides, we need to take some sleep before our turn for the night watch” said John as Joseph made up his bed and closed his eyes.

His injuries were bad and he needs time to recover. In the meantime, John predicts a daunting effort in getting his mission done.

Crossing the 10,000 words milestone has been tough but the good thing is as I keep writing, new plots and subplots start to form and I managed to clock in more additional words (something thinking is required).

NaNoWriMo has not been easy but I think that is what makes it more interesting.

24 days to go for the finishing line…

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