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Movie Review: Futuristic Tron: Legacy 2010

tron legacy bike motorcycle movie

(This must be one of the slickest bikes ever – especially with cool blue lights and shiny, all-around surface. The movie Tron came out with one of the best bikes around. All images source: Fast Company. Copyright Disney)

This is one movie that looks very tempting to watch over the weekends.

From Fast Company:-

When Tron Legacy comes out in theaters, it’ll be one of the most expensive movies ever made. But it isn’t being directed by James Cameron or Michael Bay or Peter Jackson.

It’ll actually be a first-time feature for Joseph Kosinski–who didn’t train as a film-maker. Instead, he went to grad-school for architecture at Columbia; after that, he founded a Web-design firm, of all things.

But what makes the new movie more interesting would be the revised CGI (after Avatar, we have entered a whole new dimension in CG & FX) and the new design of the iconic Light Cycle.

tron legacy motorcycle bike movie

(The blueprint on paper – good enough for a large wallpaper for the living room – all images source: Fast Company. Copyright Disney)

I saw the original Tron movie a couple of times and the central point of the movie would be a duel in the Light Cycle arena.

In fact, the whole Tron movie was ahead of its time – it was made in the late 1970s and one of the few that toyed with the virtual world way before the internet was something that most of us cannot live without. It is also one that talked about hackers and how computer defences act to stop the intrusion into the system.

Tron: Legacy opens tomorrow!

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