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Anwar Sex Video 2011: Weird Quotes

It must be one of the funniest, embarrassing, happening things in the Malaysian political arena right now


(The allegations against Anwar – it started as an illusive individual by the name of Datuk T which ended to be a group of high powered men with plenty of time to kill on their hands , at least that is what it seems to be to many of us. Image source:

Whilst Anwar & Pakatan Rakyat have flatly denied Anwar being the man in the video and have made police report against the “Datuk Trio”, on the other side of the spectrum, before the investigations can be concluded, judgment on the  matter have already been made.

One was this:-

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has called on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and other opposition leaders to cooperate with the police in their investigations into the sex video case.

The MCA president said Anwar, who has been implicated as one of the actors in the video, should come clean on the matter.

“The matter is in the hands of the police and we hope they conduct the investigation professionally.

“The onus is on Anwar to prove that he is not involved in the video and it is a golden opportunity for him to prove that he is innocent and give his fullest cooperation to the police in the course of the investigation,” Dr Chua told reporters after attending the MCA 1Medical fund-raising dinner at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce hall here last night.


Ya, who can forget Chua Soi Lek?

A famous “actor” in a sensational sex video which was “released” to the public under dubious circumstances many years ago. When the DVDs of his “act” was being distributed and everyone looked at him in shock, expecting him to flatly deny the accusations and the sex DVD (as how many other BN politicians have done when faced with accusations & at times hard evidence) but what happened next took us by surprise.

After an initial denial (perhaps to panic), Chua Soi Lek then admitted that he was the one in the video and then resigned from all political posts. We highly respected him for that – after all what happens in the private life is not the concern of others.

Chua Soi Lek is making the same call on the latest sex video but the only thing is, he have seemed have forgotten the basic rule of criminal law in the country – when a crime (if there is one) is committed, the burden of proof falls on the prosecution, not with the defence.

No doubt, it is a matter of perception – Chua Soi Lek asking Anwar to be a man enough to say that he is the one on the video like how he did many years ago and if he is not, to give hard proof that he is not the one in the video. A negative response by Anwar to do either would mean Anwar is guilty of not doing the right thing.

As a matter of public perception, Anwar can and has called for press conference and has flatly deny that he is not the one in the video but he need not go any further beyond that – there are better things to do than this. The MCA President is talking “legal nonsense” when he places the onus on Anwar to prove that he is not involved in the video.

The onus is on the police, the prosecution and at the very least the so-called Datuk Trio (who started the whole affair) to show that the man in the video is indeed the opposition leader and not some look-alike or paid actor or another “impossible missions force” mission in progress.

And even if it is proven that the man in the video is indeed Anwar – so what?

It is not as bad as murder or robbery or abuse of public funds. Because if it is an issue of morality – where politicians who have extramarital relationships cannot remain in the political arena, then the very last person who should be asking is Chua Soi Lek – after all, he made a comeback and be the President of one the largest political party in the country.

Especially if that politician is committed to serve the people and make the nation better – something Chua Soi Lek will swear that he is one of them.

With Sarawak State elections around the corner and there seems to be no end to the sodomy joke – certainly highly political statements will be made in near future by those we have trusted to be rationale, intelligent and sensible.

Perhaps it was meant to be so – keep up the distractions so that real issues are swept under the carpet. For now, it is just getting weird.

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