AES: Asking the Right Questions

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Oh dear, another opposition politician jumping to defence the criminals on the road…


(It’s about time – a simple flow on how the AES – Automated Enforcement System works. It covers speeding & beating the red light offences but what about other types of offences like road hogging, cutting in and out of traffic without any proper indication, riding around without wearing any helmet?[Click to read the rest] “AES: Asking the Right Questions”

End of The World 2012: Killer Solar Flares

nasa solar flares sun image

(Solar flares is a serious threat around 2012. Both NASA and ESA confirmed the next huge solar flares between September 2012 and May 2013. We all heard about the big one in 1859 and it looks like we are not far away from major solar flares coming our way. Source: Wikimedia)

[Click to read the rest] “End of The World 2012: Killer Solar Flares”

Governance 101: Dump the Dumb Politicians

(The conceptual video relating to Google’s recent announcement of their revolutionary Project Glass – assuming that nothing tragic happens in December 2012 and things go on as usual thereafter, we must recognize that the future is all about information at fingertips and on how it gets distributed and used in our daily lives.[Click to read the rest] “Governance 101: Dump the Dumb Politicians”

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