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Military 101: Lining Up RMAF’s Next Deadly Light Combat Fighter


For many years, the reliable and trusted F-5E Tiger II had remained at the forefront of RMAF front line interception and ground attack fighter before temporarily moving on to ex-US owned A-4 Skyhawk before settling down with British made light attack combat BAE Hawk 108 & 208 jet fighters.

BAE Hawk 108 & 208 jet fighters played the role of training new pilots, ground attack and providing close air support like how it was done during the Lahad Datu intrusion, with RMAF dropping Mk 82 unguided bombs and CRV7 rockets before the troops moved in. Image source: [email protected]Wikipedia.

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Technology 101: Does Mesh WiFi Improves Internet Connection?

Mesh WiFi Internet

When using the wifi for the internet connection at home which has multiple floors and thick walls in between, one cannot run away from internet dead zones, poor connection and solutions like Mesh WiFi actually designed to resolve these connectivity problems. Image source: Hello Tech

The pandemic that most of us work and attend classes from home truly tested the robustness of the logistics at home and this included the internet connection and also arrangement on shopping for groceries and food. The good thing is we had installed fibre optics internet way before the pandemic hit our shores but over time, as more devices hooked to the internet and some areas of the house encountered wifi dead zones, we had to look at a solution for this.

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Documentary 101: PBS Frontline – Boeing’s Fatal Flaw 2021

787 Dreamliner Boeing

On 14th September 2021, PBS Frontline ran an excellent documentary on Boeing’s series of shocking mishandling & process failure in the manufacturing of the new 737-Max passenger plane. The trigger point was the introduction of the new Airbus A320neo and the delay of Boeing’s next model, the 787 Dreamliner. Image source: PRNewsfoto/Boeing

There was tremendous pressure to bring the new plane into the market in time to counter Airbus’ A320Neo plane. In the end, a software glitch caused 2 major accidents that saw 346 passengers & crew died, Boeing & airlines suffered substantial financial losses due to glitch & grounded planes and caused the chairman & CEO, Dennis Muilenburg his job.

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Technology 101: Our Brave Fire Rescue Service

Fire Rescue Truck Bomba

Red has been the universal colour of fire rescue trucks all around the world whilst yellow or green is the usual colour for fire rescue trucks stationed at airports (as it is more visible in low lights). Image source: Wikiwand

Some of them are capable of carrying up to 17,000 litres of water in the truck. Given the vast types of truck manufacturers and fire fighting equipment suppliers, every country had its unique fire trucks based on the infrastructure and fire fighting missions.

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