Driving Skills 101: Speed Demons on Highway 2

(There is always a limit to everything we do and a limit to speeding is there for obvious reasons. Slow down and you will live longer. Some idiots would never learn no matter what happens when one speeds over the speed limit on the highway)

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NAP 2014: Talk of Cheap Cars Again


(The hard cold facts of EEVs cars – have we considered the pros and cons of using EEVs? After all, the buzz word of NAP 2014 is EEV which is not a bad thing if you ask me and holds many benefits, both for the industry, consumer and the environment. But the thing is, will we put the right effort on implementing what we have planned and deliver cheaper car in the end?[Click to read the rest] “NAP 2014: Talk of Cheap Cars Again”

Indian Cinema 101: Please Stop Making Stupid Movies!


(A movie that is full of big names but also full of holes in the plot. Image source: the Net)

All of us watches movies (some on daily basis) and at some point of life, you will come across movies that can only be classified as “great”. A first-class classics like this and new ones like this.… [Click to read the rest] “Indian Cinema 101: Please Stop Making Stupid Movies!”

Malaysian Economy 101: Kangkung Factor



(Among the many funny things posted on Najib’s statement that the price of kangkung had gone down, this stands in my mind as the funniest bit. I just love Ronald’s face on the second photo – it looks like he had answered too many phone calls asking for McKangkung. Images source: Facebook)

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Know Your Car Basics 101: Washing Sport Rims Effectively

Read these first:-

sport rim

(There are plenty of sport rims out there with different designs and size but which one of it makes it easier for the owner to clean & wash the rims. The sport rim designer may have missed this critical aspect when designing the sport rims.[Click to read the rest] “Know Your Car Basics 101: Washing Sport Rims Effectively”

My Kids 101: My Favourite Blankee…


(Nothing, I mean nothing stands between my kid and her favourite “sarong” when it comes to bedtime which soon follows suite once she had her milk. We usually bring backups in case we misplace her favourite sarong)

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Technology 101: NVIDIA’s Tegra K1


(So much computing from NVIDIA in just one car – well, it is not a dream any more. The focus must be on technology and know-how and not an in-fight on who owes the name of God and everyone getting so tense on issues that will not elevate the nation with the rest of the developed countries.[Click to read the rest] “Technology 101: NVIDIA’s Tegra K1”

Governance 101: Stepping With Positive Caution into 2014


(New jet for PM in 2014? Is this part of the cost-cutting measures that Najib announced recently? It sure dwarfs the Penang CM’s purchase of a 2012 Mercedes Benz for his official car. Image source: Malaysiakini)

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