Month: March 2020

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lock down

Malaysia recorded its highest increase of the COVID-19 cases today with 212 cases to a total of 1,518 cases and 14 deaths. As at now, 943 cases or 63% of the infection cluster was from the tabligh gathering at a mosque in Sri Petaling. The tabligh gathering was held late February when Malaysia already got COVID-19 confirmed cases and medical screening have commenced.… Click to read the rest

lock down

We are into the 4th day of the lock down and by now, I have more or less found a rhythm working from home although the workplace have been far from comfortable. Despite the lock down, the number of confirmed infection had continued to increase with 1183 cases with 114 recovered and 8 deaths.… Click to read the rest

lock down

As at yesterday and with a nationwide lock down, the country still saw a surge of coronavirus cases to 790 confirmed infections with 2 deaths and only 60 recovered.

The moronic part of the surge in number of infection is this – 513 of the 790 confirmed cases (almost 65%) were due to the irresponsible religious gathering – an event where the participants, organisers and their supporters are still in denial mode and missing by the thousands.… Click to read the rest

lock down

You know the situation is very serious when a 4D gambling premise that will not close for flood, sun or rain and even Chinese New Year is in the end forced to close in a lock down. Image source: Facebook

Although partial lock down still allows some freedom for citizens to buy essential items, it is a restriction nonetheless.… Click to read the rest


I dare say that this is probably one of the most iconic image of Naicker & Neela from 1987 Tamil movie Nayakan (aka Nayagan). Kamal’s facial expression tells a million things happening in his mind with Neela looking back at him innocently – Image source:

Seriously one of these days, I really need to take time to do a proper review of Mani Ratnam’s 3 main classic Tamil movies – Nayakan, Thalapathi and Mouna Ragam – a fine combination of strong back story, some of the most evergreen music from Illayaraja and picture perfect cinematography.… Click to read the rest

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