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Mandatory Quarantine 2020: Part 5 – Glorious Malaysian Quarantine Meals (2)

quarantine MOH food

One of the key things that caught my eyes when it comes to daily meals during the 14 days quarantine is this – the label on top of the meal box. It explains 2 main things namely the date & timing when the meal needs to be finished and the fact that the Ministry of Health vetted through the daily meal to ensure a balanced meal.

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quarantine food

On average, the quality of the meals served during the 14 days quarantine is quite good considering that the kitchens of 4-star hotels are the one who is preparing the daily meals. However, there are exceptions like this one served during dinner. The only exciting item in the meal is the grilled chicken.

quarantine food noodles

Breakfast on the 3rd day of quarantine kicked off with the right note with fried noodle “kosong” but with a great side-kick which is an omelette with a dose of sambal. The best part of this setup is the taste of the fried noodles – there was a good sense of homemade fried noodles. Perhaps I missed Malaysian food that much after months overseas. There was also a pear and fruit juice which I often to put aside in the room’s minibar.

quarantine food

Another round of nasi minyak with chicken rendang for lunch was a good run after breakfast. There was a mix of vegetables on the side together with aged dhal gravy which blends well with the rice.

To be continued in Part 6

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