Highway “Screwed”


(The almost state of Klang Valley these days. Picture source: http://www.corrosioncost.com) 

Sometimes some people take most people to be suckers all the time. And you don’t have to go far than our local mainstream media to see it.

Read this:-

New toll rates by eight concessionaires from Jan 1

IPOH: Malaysians can expect a 10% increase in toll rates, with eight concessionaires raising their charges from Jan 1 next year, said Works Minister Datuk Seri S.

Weekend Marathon


(Photo source: http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu)

It was a tiring Saturday…

Let me try to say this in one breath…I left the house at about 6.00 am, drive about 300 km in heavy mist (which was great) to Taiping, rested for 3 hours there with my son kept waking me up by jumping on my stomach, had “light” lunch with heavy dose of chicken and mutton, then droved another 300 km in heavy rain back to KL with my wife, son and in laws dozing off (whilst I was not), reached the house at about 5.00…

Logic, Not Logic


(Some things are not as difficult as it made to be by the local politicians. Image source: http://www.quicklogic.com) 

“You think we are stupid ah?”

I was thinking of doing a post about my son (he is off to Taiping with my wife for a week break with my in-laws) yesterday but something else caught my attention in the papers.…

Uneven Kesas Highway

(Picture source: Kesas website)

Probably for Kesas users, this is nothing…

I think I probably need to open a separate blog or blog tag to talk about the condition of highways in the country and how much the ordinary motorist is made to “bleed” to use it. After all, when it comes to highway, toll and Samy Vellu, I am always on the offensive side – that they are guilty until proven innocent especially after Samy brought the OSA issue.…

The Morning Traffic Report

(A typical day in Bangkok roads – this picture was taken on a Sunday morning)

You know the drill. Every time you drive to or from work, you listen to the traffic report in the radio.

The traffic report every morning and evening is really helpful especially when there is an accident involved somewhere and the traffic jam gets worse.…

Big Problems Along The Highway

Something on the lighter side…

Problem: If you see a tire rolling across the highway
Big Problem: The tire is actually from your car!

Problem: If you see a bus driver driving way over the speed limit whilst talking on his handphone and having his lunch all at the same time
Big Problem: If you are one of the passengers in the bus

Problem: If you see a speed demon right behind a slower moving car
Big Problem: If you are the driver of the slower moving car

Problem: If at the R&R, you have nothing to eat except for a suspicious looking nasi goreng but you eat it anyway as you are very hungry
Big Problem: If your suspicious turned out to be correct, the nasi goreng has actually turned stale and your stomach kicks into “overdrive”

Problem: If a very beautiful girl hitchhiked your car but she is not alone.…

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