The Malaysian Election 2018 & Opposition Victory Explained

This is from one of my many old drafts so please bear with the redundancy of the information. However it is worth to revisit the changes in the last general elections m so that we are reminded on why we decided to make the change to a new Malaysia.

It has been almost 200 days after the last elections and since Pakatan Harapan (PH) came into power and yet despite revelations & the on-going criminal charges against those who walked in the corridors of power in the past, there are still many (including your goodself – I can’t still believe that Lim Guan Eng is the Finance Minister of Malaysia) still in disbelief that the corrupt, outdated, back-thinking politicians was promptly kicked out from the corridors of power and Malaysians as whole were sick and tired of how things were done in the past and wanted a change for the better.

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Snippets 07 March 2014

Perhaps I should reword the title as “Random Ramblings 07 March 2014”.


(Well the “baby” do not sleep with us but it does not matter since she keeps us awake the same and causes us to have shorter and shorter time to get a good night sleep. Image source:

I had a great idea for a post for this week. In fact I had more than one great idea for the week. So I want you to believe so but it was not the case. The truth is I was so caught up with work that I have not given a thought for a theme for the post for this week. But I had plenty of random ramblings of the things that I have seen and done in the past one week and things I will be seeing and doing in the coming weeks.

Here’s some of it:-

1. It has been some weeks since I (and my wife) had a real good night sleep. Forget the weekdays – we are getting less than 5 hours of sleep on daily basis. Still remember this? And it is scientifically proven too.

Well, our daughter is back to her routine of actively playing until is way after midnight and only calm down to sleep when the clock hits one in the morning. We have tried to tune her routines to a more normal hours but we failed miserably. That leaves me especially rather burned down when I am in the office and had to face serious decision making. I would just look a bit zombie by then. On the weekends, the agenda is pre-set with so many activities which leaves us little time to sleep (but we still manages to steal time for short naps but it is not enough to pay back proper the lost sleep). And this week we are traveling and there is a big function set for the weekend (read on below). So it will be another week without an opportunity to catch up on sleep.

2. Speaking of traveling and having a function for the weekend, it is actually for the other Big Boss. Similar to this. Frankly speaking I hate elaborate temple functions and if possible I rather give this function a slip (of course it won’t be me alone but the whole family. I know my son hates it too) but since it is tradition and something that is spearheaded by my wife and her parents, that is not possible.

On the good side is we will be staying in a proper hotel (with secured parking, thank God and air-conditioner) this time around and not as usual cramped up spot in my in-law’s house and thus it should not be so taxing as compared to last time we travel up north and there were not enough space to accommodate us all (me and my son had to sleep in another house) and mosquitoes had good time making kamikaze attacks on us.

3. Speaking about kamikaze, encountering with pesky motorcyclists who cut in and out of traffic without any indicators (in fact I curse all morons who cut in and out of the traffic without any indicators), riding without any lights & helmet and ride on the wrong side of the road and endangering other road users is nothing new. Often missing close calls, I often hope that couple meters upfront, they are lying under the huge tires of a big truck and one less idiot would be on the road.

But last night, the motorcyclist that I saw probably took the center stage of the morons on the road. I was driving on the slower lane of the highway when this idiot cut in from the left (without any indicators whatsoever) and I immediately saw that his back lights were not working and he had a dark jacket on. So much so of presenting himself to be more visible on the road. As I tailing him from the back and getting ready to over take him, I noticed something rather disturbing. his back wheel was actually wobbling and this idiot was not even riding slow and he did not stick to the slow lane. Obviously keeping his bike in top shape was the last thing in his must do list. He was still cutting in and out of the lanes. I just wonder how stupid some people can be when it comes to them using their vehicles.

4. Due to the call to conserve water and water rations in some parts of the city, we have made a point to make sure all of our water containers & pots & bottles are full all the time. I have also decided not to do my weekly washing of the car. And even the last time I did it, I used the least water possible – I just wet the towel and cleaned the layer of the dust on the car body. But then again, even if I do my usual washing, I am dead sure that I use far less water than those guys at the “snow” car wash (and the car would be cleaner too). I wonder if things get from bad to worse, will the Government ban these road side car wash centers? They do use plenty of the treated water for the car wash – water that can be used for drinking. I just wonder about it.

5. Remember when I said that Symbian is finally dead? My “old” Nokia N8 was passed on to my wife and her experience with a smartphone has been a good one. Now as she is familiar with ins and outs of using a smartphone, she want to move on with Phase 2 of using a smartphone. If budget forbids, we might be shopping for the replacement phone soon. Yes, it will be another Android 4.2 powered smartphone (mine already moved to Android 4.3) but since it is for my wife who does not need much “computing power”, with a lower specifications for a low cost. That is if we have leftovers after we have spent on the kitchen cabinet.

6. Yes, the once I was “proud of” kitchen cabinet is long overdue for a replacement – no thanks to the termites and a bit of misuse. It’s time to hunt for fresh quotations and visit forums and gauge which one will be affordable and which contractor to engage. There is of course the issue of budget and sticking to them even though there will be plenty of temptations to add things here and there. Hopefully we can get this done in the next 1-2 months.

P.s. Anwar Ibrahim have been found guilty of sodomy and be rest assured that it will change the landscape of the politics in this country. After all, he was the one who brought PAS & DAP into a stronger alliance. But who knows, on the other hand, it could be a blessing in disguise – BN have been using Anwar as an excuse to demonize Pakatan and with Anwar out of the picture (either in prison for the next 5 years or busy with his appeals), BN will less things to demonize them. Further with Anwar not in the running for the MB seat, Khalid will be able to be in a stronger position to hold on to his MB seat and keep up his good work. His work and lack of corruption in his administration has been a plus factor in the voters electing Pakatan to run the state again. We don’t see a reason for change now.

Have a good weekend…

N25 Kajang: Pakatan's Hunger Games?

Read these first:-


(Kajang is very famous for its satay – we used to drive into the town just for this but in recent weeks, the town of Kajang has been in the focus for a different type of food on the dish – Pakatan’s rather childish games with the voters in Kajang. Image source:

If you have read enough posts in this blog, you will know that this blogger leans more towards Pakatan rather favorably. It is not because they are best one around but rather because we had enough of the nonsense, corruption, wastage of taxpayers money, lack of transparency & accountability, selective prosecution and seeds of disunity that Barisan politicians spews or cordons on a regular basis and we only have very limited choice for alternatives. Between the two, Pakatan somehow edges more positively (yes, screw the independents – they have screwed things for the wrong reasons in the last general election).

Anyway a total overhaul from top to bottom is long overdue. But that does not mean we can blindly accept whatever Pakatan fellows say and do – they are after all just politicians with a different clothes & purpose and they can also resort to the same cheap politics to score their own politician mileage. They must not forget that the high expectations and ideals that we expect of any elected politician applies the same to Pakatan politicians.

Recently we had this:-

Kajang assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh has resigned as an assemblyman, Selangor state speaker Hannah Yeoh announced today. With the resignation, she officially declared the N25 seat vacant.

When asked on Lee’s reason for resigning, Yeoh declined to answer on his behalf and requested reporters to ask Lee directly instead. Yeoh admitted that she was surprised by the move.


Of course, the question on everyone’s mind why should Lee resign when there is no real reason for anyone to resign. Even Lee himself could not come up with a good excuse than this:-

PKR’s former Kajang assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh finally broke the silence over his surprise resignation today, but left those awaiting clarification without the satisfaction of a clear answer.

With speculation going into overdrive that his departure was to pave way for Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to get into the Selangor mentri besar’s seat, Lee chose only to add to the mystery with a cryptic reason for his resignation.

“My decision to vacate the N25 Kajang seat is for the greater good and to reinforce the ability of (Pakatan Rakyat) to serve the people of Selangor,” Lee said in a three-paragraph statement tonight. He also thanked the voters of the constituency for their trust and co-operation.


And now Anwar is more or less confirmed to run for the seat and the funny part is that Pakatan actually think they will win the seat without a sweat. They even had asked BN not to contest to “save” taxpayers money for the by-election – it seemed that BN is destined to lose in Kajang so why bother, right? It is simply morally wrong too and it does not make any sense and here’s why Pakatan should not have an easy ride in Kajang:-


There is no real need for a vacant state seat in the first place. It is not like Lee Chin Cheh had (sorry to say this) died (like in most cases for by-elections in the past)some incurable sickness and is going to die anytime soon. Or he had been caught red handed on something that is legally or morally wrong (of course no politician in this country had never took responsibility for their actions and had resigned as a gesture of accountability. Most instead get promoted with a fat salary and assigned with special duties. So why Lee Chin Cheh should anyway be different?)


The very excuse to vacant the seat – “for the greater good and to reinforce the ability of (Pakatan Rakyat) to serve the people of Selangor” is demeaning and downright insulting. We all know that this is not the real reason for it – why reinforce something that you already have? The very same mistake a BN politicians often do – take the voters for ride. Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan had said that PKR must show an “overwhelmingly good reason” for this unexpected by-election in Kajang and we are still waiting for this reason.

Lately there have been another excuse in circulation and this time it is from Rafizi Ramli – that Anwar Ibrahim is needed in Selangor to prevent the federal government suspending the state legislature by invoking emergency laws (source). He went to say that Anwar needed political legitimacy in the state.

That unfortunately does not hold water as well – firstly Anwar as the key person in PKR & Pakatan does not need a state seat for political legitimacy in the state (he already has political legitimacy by default by being the leader of opposition and the de facto leader of PKR), secondly why can’t Khalid & Azmin who already have a state seat and is deep in the administration of the state handle whatever Anwar hope to do with a sole seat in the state and finally, if BN had decided to invoke the emergency laws and proceed with suspension of state legislature, do you think that Anwar owing one state seat would make any difference (after all they hardly blinked in Perak).


Let’s assume Lee Chin Cheh had to resign for a very good reason but unable to tell the real reason in public, don’t tell me that out of the many people in Pakatan (or rather PKR), they unable to find a good candidate to replace Lee and had to resort to Anwar as the last resort? He is not local as far as Kajang is concerned. This simply reinforces the notion that Lee resigned just for Anwar to step in and for no other reason.

Pakatan have been making the same mistake from day 1 and it is getting tiresome for some of us. If you take a closer look at Pakatan, there are way too many people holding more than 1 seat – one at Federal level and another at State level, as if there is only so many people in Pakatan capable to run for these seats. This has to stop and Kajang would be a good place to reinforce this message to politicians in Pakatan.

Pakatan should gets its seasoned politicians to focus on national issues at Federal level whilst the young, aspiring (and very loyal) politicians should be given a chance to play their role and contribute at State level. This way, Pakatan can be assured that there will be a sense of continuity and quality when the old and seasoned politicians retires.


Even if we take Anwar as the next best candidate for Kajang (let’s just assume lah), can he take the dual responsibility of managing Permatang Pauh and Kajang at the same time even though it may not be the same thing (ya, one deals with Parliament, another deals with State Assembly)?

Anwar had said that he has no problem managing the 2 constituencies and he may be right in a way. After all, the real work on ground is not done by the busy elected politicians but rather by their paid minions. It is nothing new and is normal since elected politicians simply don’t have time for all the trivial issues and that is the point here with Anwar.

Anwar should be focusing more on the national issues and on keeping Pakatan in one piece. It is very likely that he will not have time for constituencies (minions are helpful but it is not the same thing as they are not elected by the people)


Organizing a by-election is not cheap. It is a sheer waste of taxpayers money and time. There is no reason why we need to waste another few millions just because someone had an itch at a place where the sun don’t shine. Not when we are seeing price of basic goods skyrocketing in recent months.

So why add more to the expenses by the taxpayers? There is also an issue of the people need to spend time from work & more crucial activities to assist on the campaign and to vote. Will they be compensated for the time wasted?


Calling for BN to stay away from the by-election to save taxpayers money is undemocratic and borders political bullying. Just because the State is ran by Pakatan and they think that they can win the seat with one eye closed, that does not mean they can ask others to buzz off. Just imagine if BN had made the same call, Pakatan head honchos would have rolled on the floor in protest. Besides, it was PKR who caused the by-election in the first place, so why they should profit from it without a sweat?


It sets a dangerous precedent of political parties to take the electoral to resolve their internal dirty politics. We once thought that the back door ambush of powers in Perak a few years ago was the lowest point anyone can hit with electoral but with this sudden vacant of the N25 seat for no good reason means the threshold need to be revised again. This is indeed dangerous and the people should not be dragged into the political party internal issues. Why can’t they just resolve this within themselves?


With Anwar coming on-board after the public spat between Azmin Ali & Khalid Ibrahim, it may spell the end of Khalid’s remarkable administration of the State. Yes, they may say now that Anwar will not be the next MB and stress to the voters that at the highest he will go is until EXCO level.

But that does not mean the situation will not change in the near future when the relationship between Khalid and Azmin gets worse? Or when Anwar turns around and say that Khalid had “agreed” to step down and he or Azmin now takes over the MB seat? That would be disastrous indeed, not when Khalid is much favored by the people of Selangor and PKR’s partners in Pakatan to helm the Mentri Besar office.

Pakatan has going to the town apologizing to people of Kajang for the by-election and had called for the voters to support Pakatan again. But then again, it is an election that should not have happened in the first place. I think Anwar & Pakatan under-estimated the public backlash when Lee announced his resignation without a good reason & Anwar jumping on aboard to run for the seat.

Coupled with the reasons mentioned above and as much as I prefer Pakatan to Barisan anytime anywhere, perhaps democracy is best served by showing Anwar & Pakatan the exit in Kajang. A point must be made that no one – whether from Barisan or Pakatan can take the voters for a ride and in the end turns around and show the middle finger.

Anwar Acquitted

(Countdown – 347 days to “doomsday”)


(What’s next for Anwar, now that he has been acquitted by the court? Hopefully it is on getting down to business for the betterment of the country and not Sodomy 3.0. Cartoon source: Zunar – Malaysiakini)

Probably a welcome turn of things for Pakatan Rakyat so early in 2012:-

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been acquitted of sodomy after a two-year trial. Judge Zabidin Mohamad Diah said DNA evidence submitted by the prosecution was unreliable and discharged the case.

Mr Anwar had been accused of having sex with a former male aide. He had faced up to 20 years in prison if found guilty. But the judge said that there were questions over whether DNA evidence had been contaminated.

“The court is always reluctant to convict on sexual offences without corroborative evidence. Therefore, the accused is acquitted and discharged,” the judge said.


Now that the sodomy charges are out of the way, Pakatan under Anwar should be free enough to focus their energy on making the case to the people that they can run the country better than the current government or at least keep the government on their toes to reduce wastage, mismanagement of public funds and curtail corruption.

With the recent sacking of rebel Hasan Ali, Bersih 2.0’s demands met by the EC to some extent, good financial position in Penang as evident in the Auditor General’s report, all is needed now is a clean up of allegations of corruption in PR run state, less of infighting, a greater push for dedicated and high quality candidates & representatives and a finer focus of real issues facing the country instead of dirty politics for PR to do better in the next general elections.

They should…for time before the next elections is short…

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Sarawak State Elections: The Spins

(Taib Mahmud and his unexplained growth in wealth is the focus of the opposition in this State Elections. It will be difficult for Najib & BN to justify Taib continuing his hold on the powers in Sarawak. More so after hard evidence of native land grab – estimated 70,000 hectares, an area which is larger than Singapore and luxury properties abroad under Taib and Taib’s family members starts to emerge. Image source:

With the State Elections around the corner, it is just a matter before we will be hearing spins on both side of the political divide.

A Pro-BN blog reported this:-

 I received an early morning sms from our folks in Sarawak. It says

“Lawatan DSAI ke Daerah Kapit. Di rumah Edision Bugap Ng Melekun Kapit, DSAI dimalukan oleh penduduk rumah panjang tersebut apabila Tuai Rumah bertanya kepadanya isu liwat dan jam Omega. DSAI menjadi marah dan terus meninggalkan majlis.Solan di tanya oleh Tuai Rumah sendiri selepas DSAI berucap 20 minit. DSAI tinggalkan majlis tanpa bersalaman dgn penduduk. kehadiran sekitar 120 sahaja.”

This news is all around the Blogs as well. Even a Tuai Rumah (Dayak longhouse headman) is making fun of Buncit. Here is a fellow who says he wants to be Prime Minister and his rumah panjang host asks him questions about the missing Omega watch and his liwat case?

He could not answer so he left the place in a hurry. Malu lah. This is a future Prime Minister?

Apparently, according to the SMS from “their folks”, Anwar was “caught with his pants down” when he was campaigning in one of the long houses and when questions about the sex video was raised, he became angry and had to rush out from the long house without shaking hands without anyone. This is what was mentioned in the blog.

But if you hope over to Malaysiakini (who been under DDOS attack together with the anti-Mahmud site, Sarawak Report), there is an interesting revelation on what really happened:-

Meanwhile, an eyewitness to the incident when contacted by Malaysiakini, denied what was reported by the national news agency.

The person, who declined to be named, said he did not consider such a matter as ‘much of an incident’ in the Baleh constituency in Kapit. ‘

What happened was Anwar was delivering his speech when a tuai rumah (longhouse headman) from the longhouse asked him about the Omega watch, the sex tape and his on-going sodomy trial. Anwar provided a decent answer in replying to the question, which was accepted by the audience. Anwar took some time in explaining and he did not run off as reported,’ he said.

‘I saw an SMS alert and it is truly a fabrication by the BN party machinery to humiliate Anwar. What happened was after Anwar answered the question, he continued to deliver his ceramah. It was the person who had left the longhouse and not Anwar,’ he said.

The person also disputed that the actual number in the longhouse audience was 120 as reported as there were 500 to 700 people during the 11am incident, where the audience was receptive and came out in numbers.

So, which is which?

No doubt that both stories was based on hearsay – one from unconfirmed SMS whilst another  from an eye-witness who was there. Pakatan Rakyat has been high on their “Ubah” campaign – telling Sarawakians that it is time to kick the rich, corrupted Chief Minister and vote PR’s Baru Bian who has more creditability as the new CM.

Will the tsunami that swept Peninsular Malaysia political landscape in 2008 will happen in Sarawak in 2011? For now, news from the ground seems to be heading that way and let’s hope that despite the spins in the mainstream media and blogs, Sarawakians will do what is right – elect people who have the people’s interest on top of personal or their family members’ interest.

RPK Revelation

UPDATE: Read Art Harun’s The RPK Factor as why we should not blame RPK for the revelations on Anwar

Back to the original post

Talk about bad timing for Anwar…

(Once a thorn for the ruling party, RPK’s latest admission has played in favor of the ruling party and at the right time too – when Sarawak State Elections is just around the corner. Najib can breathe a bit better now, we are pretty sure. Image source:

Always been the man with controversy, RPK’s latest admission will not only put a dent on Anwar Ibrahim who not only facing sodomy charges but also entangled with sex video, it also puts a severe creditability poser on RPK himself and Malaysia Today.

From TheStar:-

Controversial fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin had doubts about his statutory declaration (SD) implicating Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.

In a sensational interview over TV3 last night, Raja Petra said he had made the allegations on the belief that the order came from PKR adviser and Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The Malaysia Today founder and editor said his SD in 2008 which stated he was reliably informed that Rosmah was among those present at the crime scene on Oct 19, 2006 when Altantuya was killed was based on information and demand by several individuals aimed at preventing Najib from becoming prime minister.

Ok, it somehow clears Najib and his wife from the murder allegations but it does not clear the air as why Altantuya was killed and whether there was huge commission paid unnecessarily. Perhaps we have to wait for another revelation in the future.

But for now, RPK’s latest admission is a serious blow to Anwar Ibrahim

Sex Video: Weird Quotes

It must be one of the funniest, embarrassing, happening things in the Malaysian political arena right now


(It started as an illusive individual by the name of Datuk T which ended to be a group of high powered men with plenty of time to kill on their hands , at least that is what it seems to be to many of us. Image source:

Whilst Anwar & Pakatan Rakyat have flatly denied Anwar being the man in the video and have made police report against the “Datuk Trio”, on the other side of the spectrum, before the investigations can be concluded, judgment on the  matter have already been made.

One was this:-

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has called on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and other opposition leaders to cooperate with the police in their investigations into the sex video case.

The MCA president said Anwar, who has been implicated as one of the actors in the video, should come clean on the matter.

“The matter is in the hands of the police and we hope they conduct the investigation professionally.

“The onus is on Anwar to prove that he is not involved in the video and it is a golden opportunity for him to prove that he is innocent and give his fullest cooperation to the police in the course of the investigation,” Dr Chua told reporters after attending the MCA 1Medical fund-raising dinner at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce hall here last night.


Ya, who can forget Chua Soi Lek?

A famous “actor” in a sensational sex video which was “released” to the public under dubious circumstances many years ago. When the DVDs of his “act” was being distributed and everyone looked at him in shock, expecting him to flatly deny the accusations and the sex DVD (as how many other BN politicians have done when faced with accusations & at times hard evidence) but what happened next took us by surprise.

After an initial denial (perhaps to panic), Chua Soi Lek then admitted that he was the one in the video and then resigned from all political posts. We highly respected him for that – after all what happens in the private life is not the concern of others.

Chua Soi Lek is making the same call on the latest sex video but the only thing is, he have seemed have forgotten the basic rule of criminal law in the country – when a crime (if there is one) is committed, the burden of proof falls on the prosecution, not with the defence. No doubt, it is a matter of perception – Chua Soi Lek asking Anwar to be a man enough to say that he is the one on the video like how he did many years ago and if he is not, to give hard proof that he is not the one in the video. A negative response by Anwar to do either would mean Anwar is guilty of not doing the right thing.

As a matter of public perception, Anwar can and has called for press conference and has flatly deny that he is not the one in the video but he need not go any further beyond that – there are better things to do than this. The MCA President is talking “legal nonsense” when he places the onus on Anwar to prove that he is not involved in the video.

The onus is on the police, the prosecution and at the very least the so-called Datuk Trio (who started the whole affair) to show that the man in the video is indeed the opposition leader and not some look-alike or paid actor or another “impossible missions force” mission in progress.

And even if it is proven that the man in the video is indeed Anwar – so what?

It is not as bad as murder or robbery or abuse of public funds. Because if it is an issue of morality – where politicians who have extramarital relationships cannot remain in the political arena, then the very last person who should be asking is Chua Soi Lek – after all, he made a comeback and be the President of one the largest political party in the country. Especially if that politician is committed to serve the people and make the nation better – something Chua Soi Lek will swear that he is one of them.

With Sarawak State elections around the corner and there seems to be no end to the sodomy joke – certainly highly political statements will be made in near future by those we have trusted to be rationale, intelligent and sensible.  Perhaps it was meant to be so – keep up the distractions so that real issues are swept under the carpet. For now, it is just getting weird.

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Snippets – 6 December 2010

A quickie before the holidays…

Khir Toyo Charged with Corruption

Ha, some interesting development with fishing in the “big fish” by the MACC

(Khir claims that this whole piece of property only valued RM3.5 million when others claims that it is about RM24 million. What do you think? Image source: TheStar)

The hands of the law could have done it better (like that costly RM1.8 million trip to Disneyland and the missing RM9.9 million Balkis fiasco) but I guess something is better than nothing…

The Star reports:-

Former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has been charged with accepting two land lots for RM3.5mil when the said lots were bought by Ditamas Sdn Bhd director Shamsuddin Haryoni for RM6.5mil.

The charge under Section 165 of the Penal Code carries a two-year jail term, fine or both.

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail commended the MACC for a thorough investigation into the case and the prosecution would be calling about 16 witnesses.

Whilst we will looking forward with this case rather interestingly (because charging is one thing, conviction is another – still remember PKFZ?), one have to wonder why the AG took that long to pull the man into the “cage”?

The AG have explained it – we hope that the case is water-tight – the last we want is for this case ending up as nothing but shadow play for the Government’s concerted fight against corruption. We do not want those who wasted tax-payers’ money by the millions to slither away by means of technicality and lack of evidence (we sure hope having rival groups to the “Conquer Selangor Mission” has nothing to do with it).

Samy Vellu (yes, finally!) Steps Down

(End of an era or end of a headache? Image source:

So, this is it? After years being a pain in a neck for the community, MAIKA shareholders and many of the highway users, we finally heard this – “The moment I leave this room, I am no longer the president” – Hallelujah!

But it sounds like it is not the end of the story. Not the end of the taxpayers’ money wasted down the drain. Free Malaysia Today reports:-

So the deal was made. Samy Vellu leaves, and in return he gets the post of Malaysia’s special envoy for infrastructure to South Asian countries. A position with ministerial status. It is also apparently to give him face, provide him a dignified exit.

But why should the MIC get another ministerial position after its poor performance at the last general election? Where is the regard for values if rewards are given when they are not deserved?

More importantly, why create a new position which would incur cost to the taxpayer? Samy Vellu’s salary, perks, claims and whatever else in the new position he’s taking will amount to a substantial amount. Why does the rakyat have to pay for it?

Does that sounds so wonderful – some kind of “rewards” for the earlier date for stepping down as the President!

Child Marriage

(A case of a wealthy Muslim cleric who took a 12-year-old girl as his unofficial wife. In Indonesia, the court was not amused with this and handed six years prison sentence. In Malaysia, it is a whole different story. Image source:

For a moment there, I thought it happened some where in deep, lawless village in Pakistan but as one can say, nothing is impossible in Bolehland.

The New Sunday Times had front-paged the picture of 14-year-old Siti Marham Mahmod, and husband Abdul Manan Othman, who participated in a 1Malaysia wedding celebration at the Federal Territory Mosque on Saturday. The couple had tied the knot in July after getting the consent of the Syariah Court (Source)

It is good that the Government via the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry is making a lot of noise on this but will the “noise” translate it into forceful action?

And the funny part of the whole deal is that the marriage was approved by the Syariah Court – what happened to the protection of the minor? Why the parents could not wait for a few more years until the minor is able to decisions for herself? It certainly unsettling that this is happening in a modern Malaysia. Still think we are on route to achieving Vision 2020?

And lastly…I leave you with a joke…yes, it is

(The mean big brother is no more? According to MCA supremo, everyone is equal. Image source: Blogger)

At least, that is what I thought when I read this:-

MCA made full use of today’s Barisan Nasional (BN) convention to push for equal treatment within the coalition, sternly telling its Umno allies that there should not be a “big brother, small brother” system in the ruling pact (Source)

Ya, right!

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Little Einsteins

(How Kohilan Pillay wants Malaysians to uphold the good name of the Government Leaders abroad? By taking expensive ads in foreign newspaper for their non-elected wives? Image source:

Whilst we wait for the dust to settle down at PKR, listen to this “wise statements” from these fellows…

First from the Kamalanathan:-

The second issue i raised to the Ministry was with regards to a certain politicians who travel the world and discredit Malaysia. Not only they discredit Malaysia, but they also spread lies and damage the good name of Malaysia.

They go against the 2nd Principle of the country that was thought to all Malaysians since we were in school ‘KESETIAAN KEPADA RAJA & NEGARA’ or ‘LOYALTY TO THE KING & NATION’.


Next from the Kohilan Pillay:-

The Foreign Ministry monitors Malaysians who go on tours or reside overseas to ensure that they safeguard the good name of the country and government leaders, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.

Deputy Foreign Minister A. Kohilan Pillay said attempts by irresponsible people to tarnish Malaysia’s good name and spread a wrong perception of it breached loyalty to the king and country.

“The ministry monitors the behavior and actions of not only people from the opposition parties but also tourists and those who reside abroad,” he said when winding up debate on the Supply Bill 2011 at the committee stage for the ministry.


This is the second time in a row that loyalty of Malaysians has been called into question by those who walk along the corridors of power. One talks about the “Rukunegara” whilst another talks about monitors the behavior and actions of tourists and those who reside abroad.

Certainly Anwar is not Aung San Suu Kyi but then again, we have not stoop that low to be compared to that country called Burma (fill in any backward, 3rd world country). Our democratic standards are certainly higher than those dictator run, military junta countries like Burma. And we all know why Anwar is making his case abroad. There are already doubts that Anwar will get a fair trial in Malaysia given how things are going in the courts lately and there is even a big question looming on whether Anwar will be free to organize Pakatan Rakyat’s election machinery in the next general election.

But is Anwar really condemning the country? Or is he talking about those who walked along the corridors of power? The Government may have embarrassed or taken back by Anwar’s antics “down under” but I don’t see the validity of the points made by the 2  fellows – picking on the Rukunegara and imposing controls on what can be said abroad.

When it comes to loyalty to the country and the King, does it mean we need to keep our mouth shut when those in power abuse their powers, pass condemning laws and promote corruption? It is in fact the other way around! If we really love the country, we need to speak up. We need to get those in the fault moving and kicked out from the administration of the country. We need to make enough noise so that when they are in fault, guilt will kill them. No, Kamalanathan, loyalty to political party and political leaders is not the same as loyalty to the country and a lot of “people” in this country are confused with this two.

Then there is this genius who wants to monitor “behavior and actions of tourists and those who reside abroad” – as how he is planning to impose local standards abroad and on some foreigners is yet to be seen.

The same genius said that they are going to ensure Malaysians safeguard the good name of the country and government leaders. All these while, whenever I am abroad, I have always spoken highly of my country. It is my home and I have always been prepared to go against anyone who has tarnished the good name of the country but I under NO obligation whatsoever to safe guard the good name of the government leaders. We are not North Koreans and the government is not The Great Leader. Who are these people? One thing for sure, they are not saints and they are not perfect (after all they are just politicians, some rotten to the core), otherwise we would not find ourselves struggling to catch up Singapore on progress and meeting the Vision 2020 deadline. Screw them – if they want to safe guard their good name, let them do it by themselves by setting good examples and ideal actions.

The above statement prompted this valid response:-

You claim that ‘irresponsible people are tarnishing the good name of Malaysia’. We beg to differ. In our opinion, the only one tarnishing the good name of Malaysia is the Malaysian government itself. The only traitors in this whole saga, are the politicians who have betrayed the citizens who elected them.

And this is why Malaysians abroad are standing in solidarity with their fellow citizens back home to demand good governance, justice, accountability and transparency. Till then, please let Prime Minister Najib and his Cabinet know that you are all under watch.


At the end of the day, we do not want to end up as ball-carriers for those who tarnish their own names and (just because they are in the Government) the name of the country. We love this country too much to see it to be abused by those in power.

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(PKR cannot be a one-man-show. At end of the day, it has to rely on committees, rules and procedures. Dr Molly Cheah now heads a nine-member central election committee — made up of ordinary members — who will oversee the party’s first ever direct elections. Image source:

It would have been better if PKR had bull-dozed it’s “first in Malaysia – one member, one vote” election process and see what had worked and what did not work and improved on the next election. Certainly when you are doing something for the very first time, you cannot expect things to go smooth. So I was kind of surprised when I noticed the press release from Zaid Ibrahim’s camp.

When PKR announced that all members will be able to pick their representatives to the key posts in the party, the idea was kind of visionary. No one else have done the same – most of us are aware that the members of a political party at the lower level will pick a representatives who will then decide on behalf of it’s branch members on who goes to hold more important posts in the party. Money politics is widespread and sometimes you end up electing the wrong person to the wrong post.

It is the same with all other political party all over Malaysia with some variations here and there – both from the Barisan side and Pakatan side ((perhaps MIC will have one extra criteria – President’s blessing).

So, when PKR announced its 1 member, 1 vote system – it did sound “revolutionary”. It also sounded fair – every member deciding who going to lead what instead of having an exclusive few that decides the fate of the party (and the nation). RPK once talked about the 191 division leaders of UMNO deciding the fate of the country. In 2010, that meant almost 400,000 PKR members will be voting for some 8.570 candidates at divisional level in almost 145 divisions and about 25 candidates for the central leadership council.

One thing that was not clear to everyone is how PKR planned to do it. 400,000 is a big number and the fact that this 400,000 members will be voting twice makes it mind boggling. Yes, it sounded simple enough for some but what happened in reality was something far from simple. It is a logistic nightmare. In fact, the mess started way before the voting days – from the time to nominate who will run for which position – accusations has been flying around, rules bent to allow some in and even had cries of sabotage and backstabbing. That in itself is a big mess. So, it was not a big surprise to see the same mess during the voting days.

Free Malaysia Today reports:-

1. Kota Bharu, Kelantan: Although the ballot papers for the other positions were available, the polling did not proceed because the ballot papers for the position of Vice Chief of the Women’s Wing were not available.

2. Tumpat, Kelantan: The ballot papers have not arrived as at 12:00 noon and the ballot boxes were also not ready. Thus, many members left for Friday prayers.

3. Langkawi, Kedah: The ballot papers arrived very late and registration of new members is taking place whilst the polls are ongoing, and it seems that some of these new members are being allowed to vote.

4. Alor Setar, Kedah: The ballot papers have not arrived as at 12:00 noon and many members left for Friday prayers without voting.

And given the logistic nightmare that PKR is having with it’s first of it’s kind, one member, one vote, it is no surprise to see the pro-BN bloggers having a field day on this mess. Syed (of OutSyed The Box) said:-

Much earlier, when PKR first announced that their party would employ the “one man one vote” system for party elections, I had predicted it would be the end of PKR. My reasons were slightly different but still valid.

My point earlier was that if PKR has a ‘one man one vote’ system in a multi racial party, the Chinese and the Indians in PKR will be left out in the cold. PKR is a Malay majority party. Malays will vote for Malays, Chinese will vote Chinese and the Indians will be swinging somewhere. Since majority wins, it will become a Malay party. The Chinese can look up the word “sidelines” in the dictionary. The Indians can check out the word ‘curry leaves’.

But this will not work in the multi racial PKR. Just wait and see.

But this most recent turn of events in PKR is not surprising. They have not even sorted out the logistics of running their elections. This is typical Anwar Ibrahim – let there be chaos. There is going to be major chair throwing over this one.

I know some of these PKR folks. Sorry guys – this is immaturity, childishness and just plain silliness. After the excitement is over, you can go home. Maybe find some other outlets to let go your “I don’t know who I am” or “where I fit in” steam. It takes maturity some intelligence and a better understanding of reality to step up to the plate.

So what will happen at the end? I think Moses will have to appear with his magic staff and calm the tumultuous sea. Everyone will have to simmer down and Moses will lead them through the stormy waters. Meaning if the situation gets too out of control, the Brader may suspend the elections (which are what this Press Statement demands) and just appoint whoever to whatever. End of clown story.

Whilst Syed has a valid point there, I beg to differ – he missed some points here and there too.

It is not right to put the blame squarely on Anwar Ibrahim (“Brader”) – yes, he is the main force behind PKR but it is about time, the PKR members do things on their own without having Anwar leading them by their nose (more so when Anwar is facing Sodomy 2). For this election, PKR had formed a party election steering committee – whilst it has not been effective (some called it as being too soft) – to monitor the progress of the election (so why say “this is typical Anwar Ibrahim”).

If there are shortcomings apparent in the election process, the place to take up the shortcomings would be at the party election steering committee. Hopefully the election procedures will be firmed up as time goes on.

Obviously PKR was not prepared for the logistic shortcomings but having a process that is too new in Malaysia, there will be a series of trial and error before process can be fine tuned. It is not like PKR been exercising the “one member, one vote” system for many years now and they are still having the same problems and shortcomings. Something that Syed seems to imply. I still recall when my previous organisation organised a family day for the very first time – it was chaos and left many fuming mad after the event. But over the years, lessons been learned and shortcomings have been rectified and family day events turned out to be the most anticipated event of the year.

Logistic shortcomings is something everyone had anticipated when PKR first announced the “one member, one vote” system. It is not like they had the access to the helicopter to help out on the logistics. It is just too bad PKR was not ready enough to confront much of the shortcomings in the very first year.

Then there is this talk that the “one member, one vote” system will not work in a multi-race party and Syed still implies that the Malays will only vote for the Malays, Chinese for the Chinese and the Indians for the Indians (interesting revelation that there are some Indians masquerading as the “son of the land” in UMNO – that is a good one, bro). That is a typical BN view of seeing things in Malaysia – everything broken down by the color of the skin. I believe PKR is beyond the racial division that BN component parties heavily promote and operate with. It does not work that way in reality too. Malaysia is a multi race society too but do the Malays  only vote for the Malays, Chinese for the Chinese and the Indians for the Indians? The result of the last general election speaks for itself.

No doubt, there are some in PKR will continue to take the racial division when it comes to voting a person to key posts but at the end of the day, what PKR need to do is vote for strong, capable leaders. If such strong, capable leader is Malay, I don’t see why the Chinese and the Indian members would not vote for him and vice versa. This is a party election and whatever that makes the party stronger and resilient and be ready for the general election – that would be the right way to go.

Now that Zaid Ibrahim has released the press release of the mess in the election process, it has created some uncertainty. Will PKR ignore it as being something that has been anticipated and continue to complete the election process (which is the right to do)? Or as Syed predicts, Anwar steps in and calls off the election all together? But if that happens, PKR’s credibility to conduct its business will be in serious jeopardy. It also means PKR will not able to survive without Anwar still holding its hands. And I don’t think PKR or Anwar for the matter wants it so at this point.

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