Malaysia 101: Stop Thinking Like Self Centred Politician

Quote nationalism politician

When Trump won the elections to be the 45th US President in 2017, his mantra that won over many was “To Make America Great Again” and as a businessman and not as a politician, many thought that it can be done. In the end, he turned out to be just another self-centred politician.  Image source: AZ Quotes 

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The Malaysian Election 2018 & Opposition Victory Explained

This is from one of my many old drafts so please bear with the redundancy of the information. However it is worth to revisit the changes in the last general elections m so that we are reminded on why we decided to make the change to a new Malaysia.

It has been almost 200 days after the last elections and since Pakatan Harapan (PH) came into power and yet despite revelations & the on-going criminal charges against those who walked in the corridors of power in the past, there are still many (including your goodself – I can’t still believe that Lim Guan Eng is the Finance Minister of Malaysia) still in disbelief that the corrupt, outdated, back-thinking politicians was promptly kicked out from the corridors of power and Malaysians as whole were sick and tired of how things were done in the past and wanted a change for the better.

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Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 07 March 2014

Perhaps I should reword the snippets title as “Random Ramblings 07 March 2014”.


(Well the “baby” do not sleep with us but it does not matter since she keeps us awake the same and causes us to have shorter and shorter time to get a good night sleep. Image source:

I had a great idea for a post for this week. In fact I had more than one great idea for the week. So I want you to believe so but it was not the case. The truth is I was so caught up with work that I have not given a thought for a theme for the post for this week.

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N25 Kajang: Pakatan’s Hunger Games?


(Kajang is very famous for its satay – we used to drive into the town just for this but in recent weeks, the town of Kajang has been in the focus for a different type of food on the dish – Pakatan’s rather childish games with the voters in Kajang. Image source: The Star)

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Elections 101: Sarawak State Elections, The Spins

sarawak election

(Taib Mahmud and his unexplained growth in wealth is the focus of the opposition in Sarawak State Elections. It will be difficult for Najib & BN to justify Taib continuing his hold on the powers in Sarawak. More so after hard evidence of native land grab – estimated 70,000 hectares, an area which is larger than Singapore and luxury properties abroad under Taib and Taib’s family members starts to emerge. Image source:

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Anwar Sex Video 2011: Weird Quotes

It must be one of the funniest, embarrassing, happening things in the Malaysian political arena right now


(The allegations against Anwar – it started as an illusive individual by the name of Datuk T which ended to be a group of high powered men with plenty of time to kill on their hands , at least that is what it seems to be to many of us. Image source:

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Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 6 December 2010

khir toyo bungalow snippet corruption

(News snippet – Khir claims that this whole piece of property only valued RM3.5 million when others claim that it is about RM24 million. What do you think? Image source: The Edge Markets)

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Party Elections 101: Yes, It Is Messy, Dirty But Necessary

PKR Parti Keadilan Rakyat Election

(PKR cannot be a one-man-show. At end of the day, it has to rely on committees, rules and procedures. Dr Molly Cheah now heads a nine-member central election committee — made up of ordinary members — who will oversee the party’s first-ever direct elections. Image source: Wikipedia)

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Crime 101: Anwar Ibrahim & 40 Reasons Against Sodomy Charges

Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy Pakatan Rakyat Harapan PKR

The sodomy trial against Anwar Ibrahim is still ongoing (update: Anwar was acquitted in 2012) so it is not fair to comment on the charges against Anwar until it has been deliberated and determined in a court of law. image source: Wikipedia.

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