World Mysteries 101: The Ghostly, Strange UVB-76 Radio Station

UVB-76 Russia Radio Station Mystery

(When searching for UVB-76, it is alleged that this is one of the secret radio station emitting a strange buzzing tone to the secret listeners. Image source: Slavorum)

We all love a good mystery (especially if it is paranormal related) and I noticed this mentioned in one of the top 5 strange things happening around the world.… [Click to read the rest] “World Mysteries 101: The Ghostly, Strange UVB-76 Radio Station”

World News 101: All About FinCEN Leaked Files

FinCEN US Banking Banks

Everyone reports information to FinCEN and this includes banks from unlikely countries like China. Bank transactions leave a trail of paperwork and footprints and this is how some people get caught. Image source: International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

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Malaysian Economy 101: Kangkung Factor



(Among the many funny things posted on Najib’s statement that the price of kangkung had gone down, this stands in my mind as the funniest bit. I just love Ronald’s face on the second photo – it looks like he had answered too many phone calls asking for McKangkung. Images source: Facebook)

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