Ending The Year 2014 On A Positive Note! 0 (0)

2014 najib golf

(Not everyone can be the PM – very, very hard at “work” overseas in 2014. Some had said that there is nothing wrong for a leader to take a break. Well, that is correct but not when the country is seeing one of the worst floods around. The big mamma still on holiday, its so seems – no one had seen her wading through the high water in downtown Kota Bahru. Image source)

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Oh No, Darwin Been Banned in Malaysia 0 (0)


(Book on Darwin is banned in Malaysia. What is the criteria to ban a book? What constitute a great endangerment of public harmony? It gets rather ugly when a book is banned just because it goes against one’s personal values and beliefs. Cartoon source: http://www.incidentalcomics.com)

Still saying that the implementation of hudud will not impact the non Muslims? Well, think again.

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Big Bad Wolf 2013 0 (0)

Big bad wolf

After the great success last year (and the years before), BBWB (Big Bad Wolf Book) sale was back at the same place this year and we made sure we were there on the opening day.

But before that, please allow me to trace back to the beginning of this year when I mentioned that I was intending on adding another book cabinet before end of the year BBWB sale and turn the small family area upstairs into a mini library.

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Beauty of Reading: Build Your Own Library 0 (0)

I love reading books since I was still small. My grandmother often say that all it needs to keep me busy is a book. As an adult, I guess one of the “wisest” things that I have done in my life related to reading & books is to buy a proper book cabinet and set my own library.


(My latest collection of books – the one in green cost RM8.50 each whilst the Mammoth Book is RM19.90 – a far cry from Dan Brown’s latest thriller costing RM40)

I like reading (my wife have started to pick up reading, with a pace of 1-2 pages per day but reading a book still sounds “Greek” to my son) and over the years, I have been collecting books but without a proper shelf or cabinet, the books were simply lying all over the place.

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Childhood Memories Part 13 0 (0)

(Gosh, I have missed out on this series for sometime now)

Please read the rest of the series here

(Image source: http://www.black-magic.co.nz)

When I was in my secondary school, this comic book – The Adventures of Tintin series was one of the most sought out “books” in the school library (ya, we had good collection of comic books in library and we often read them just before the examinations to release tensions).… Click to read the rest

My Read 0 (0)

(One of the books that was laid off for sometime before I managed to read it “cover to cover”)

When I am not in front of my laptop playing games or watching a movie, I am on my bed with a thick book, completely “lost” in a fantasy world.

Just a couple of days more for the year end closing, I thought of starting a new column on the side of this blog to display the book that I am reading now.… Click to read the rest

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