I saw the traffic jam as I headed back to KL from the South but I did not know it was due to this:-

(The victim’s BMW – 3 people died on the spot. Pix Source: TheSun)

(The offender’s Renault – what he was doing driving against the traffic? Pix Source: TheSun)

Before that, the Dane was involved in another minor accident when his car collided with a Proton Waja.

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Will it be a Volvo or a Mercedes Benz?

(Volvo has certainly have come a long since the times when it was known as just another large box shaped car – Picture source:
I am in a dilemma now…should I buy a Volvo or a Mercedes Benz? Before you raise your eyebrows, don’t get me wrong, I have not won any lottery or inherited money from a long lost uncle.
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