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Will it be a Volvo or a Mercedes Benz?

(Volvo has certainly have come a long since the times when it was known as just another large box shaped car – Picture source:
I am in a dilemma now…should I buy a Volvo or a Mercedes Benz? Before you raise your eyebrows, don’t get me wrong, I have not won any lottery or inherited money from a long lost uncle. I am still driving the beat-up Proton Iswara and it is likely to driving the same beat up car for the next 5 years or so
No, no, it is not that. The Sports Toto Jackpot has been increasing for the last few weeks to RM6.60 million (as per the last count). In the event that I strike the big one (ya right!), it is almost 101% that I will be changing to a safer car (with a better technology). The question is which one. So, I called my friend who suppose to be an expert in cars (it was not Paul Tan), just to clear my “doubts”
Me: Macha, sorry to kacau you lah. Just need to ask you something on cars
Friend: No problem lah
Me: Which is better to buy – a Volvo or Mercedes Benz?
Friend: Who is asking?
Me: Me
Friend: Why? You strike lottery ah?
Me: Just tell me lah
Friend: Bloody hell, you won something didn’t you? When you going “belanja” me?
Me: Where got money? I did not win anything lah
Friend: Ya right! Anyway how come BMW is not in your list?
Me: * thinking – ya, why ah? *
Me: BMW maybe later lah, depending how much balance I have
Friend: Damn, I knew it! You won the jackpot ah? But how come the website still showing the $$?
Me: No lah, I am just checking in case I win something in future
Friend: You mean you did not win anything and yet call me when I am very busy to ask about cars that you cannot to buy?
Me: Ya *quieter tone*
Friend: Call me when you win something *slams down the phone*

Damn, I still not sure which car to buy now…BMW, Volvo or Mercedes Benz

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