Know Your Car Basics 101: The Tough Move From Proven Michelin To New Goodyear

goodyear michelin car tire

I did not experience this when I was using Goodyear tires but I noticed this now with the Michelin tires. It is said that tire ageing is the common cause of car tire sidewall cracking as it is subjected to all sorts of harsh road conditions and weather. Image source: Reddit

Know Your Car Basics 101: Totally Wasted My Time When The Bloody Car Battery Died

car battery power

(What is inside a car battery? What are the symptoms of a bad battery? Image source: Best Car Audio)

One of the main things during the lockdown that I never failed to do is to start up the car every 2 – 3 days and let the engine running for a few minutes.…

Know Your Car Basics 101: Mistakes Between Alignment & Balancing

Read These First:-

alignment and balancing

(Do you know the differences between tire alignment and tire balancing? It is not necessary that both need to be done at the same time but usually it is done as it is convenient for the mechanic and more income for the workshop.

Know Your Car Basics 101: Scary Wiper Scare & Brilliant Kapchai Ban Proposal


(Things to keep an eye for – failing wipers. Image source:

It has been raining cats and dogs lately…

It was raining heavily when I went to work one fine morning – I predicted an increased traffic jam due to the rain and a couple of morons speeding and changing lane without any indicators during the heavy rain.…

Know Your Car Basics 101: Do You Listen to Your Car’s Cries?


(The thing that you do not want to see sticking out from your car tires. Image source:

Before I start, I was not meaning “listen” in this sense

Couple weeks ago, we suppose to make a trip to Kuantan to visit an elderly aunty who was not feeling well.…

Quote of Week – Unsafe Cars

“The lack of demand among Malaysians for safety features is the main reason why many vehicles sold in the country do not meet international safety standards”

(Just how many of the locally made cars had even passed the basic crash test with flying colors? If you know the answer, then you will know that we been screwed with unsafe cars for a very long time now but question is whose’ fault is it?

Recycling a Car

(When you think of Volvo, you will think Sweden, safety and luxury. Now you can add environment friendly to the  Volvo brand.Image source:

The buzz word of the day is recycling and there is no major act from Malaysians to prioritize recycling in daily life.

It was interesting watching “Mega Breakdown” over at the Discovery Channel where a 2 man team breaks down a used Volvo truck and recycles 95% of the truck.…

Childhood Memories: Part 19 – Driving My Uncle’s Gutsy Car

mitsubishi lancer 1980 uncle car childhood

(One of my uncles had a second hand white Mitsubishi Lancer as his first car and it was the workhorse of the whole family for many years. Image source: DSF)

Last week I attended my niece’s birthday party and as usual, once the cake has been cut and the dinner has started, my cousins and myself made our way to the outside of the house, set up a table on the porch, rounded several chairs and started to chit chat over a large bottle of liquor and wine.…

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