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Yup, It’s Getting Weirder & Dumb


(Some things are not weird like the way people like to park their cars, it is just a result of people not taking the time and care to do the right things)

It is getting weird, it must be the insane weather, I am very sure – it has been raining cats & dogs for past weeks and yet it feels like one is sitting in a sauna at night. My daughter fared worse, despite having 2 fans and occasionally the air-conditioner switched on, she was sweating like she had just done a 10 km marathon.

Or perhaps it is something we have been drinking (or sniffing), I don’t know. Perhaps it was due to our overzealous with being the righteous one that some of us can see the end is near. Whatever the reason maybe, things are just getting weirder in this country.

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Religion 101: Muddling Manchester United With Shortsighted Muslims

Manchester United Football Premier League English Red Devils

(The famous Manchester United’s famed Red Devils logo after years of acceptance as a sign of an excellent football team in the country has found its way to the mind of a short-sighted religious man. Image source: E Daily Sports)

First, it was the cookies, and then it was on yoga and now the Manchester United’s football shirts? It looks like we have highly paid (with our money) civil servants with too much free time at their disposal.

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