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Religion 101

Anything to do with religion, morality, belief and God

Religion 101: An Uplifting Journey Of An Agnostic Atheist

pray science covid19 pandemic outbreak

(A simple question – in light of COVID19 pandemic on the loose on a global scale, when was the last time you saw religion or religious miracle workers healed an infected patient? In the end, it is modern science, medical advances and a good dose of common sense that prevailed. Image source: Facebook)

Well, I am not sure if there is a term called an agnostic atheist when it comes to religion & beliefs. Anyway, when one talks about religion or their beliefs, it has always been my personal contention that it should be something personal – just between you and the Al-Mighty and such beliefs should not be forced onto others.

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Oxford Union Society 2012: Dr Michael Shermer – God Does Not Exist


In a world that is facing a major pandemic, is there a bigger, more credible reason why many of us cannot see or hear or experience God? Image source: Pinterest

Being locked up in the house due to the lock down since 18th March 2020 except for that few occasions when I venture out to buy the essential groceries, on my free time when I am not working or tied up with house chores, I found myself on the watching university debates, technical speeches, watching 1950s & 1960s movies, attending virtual concerts (like this gem), learning CSS & tweaking my blog site (noticed the changes?), cracking my mind for the next blog posts and rediscovering my love for chess (now that my daughter is picking up the game, she is looking for stronger opponents).

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Religion 101: David Wood Failing Down Zakir Naik’s Points

Continuing from this post, this video came out 3 years ago back in 2016 by David Wood (interestingly is the point 3 in his video):-

From Wikipedia:-

David Wood is American evangelical missionary. Wood has participated in numerous public debates with Muslims and atheists,usually in a public hall or in front of a university audience including debates with Sunni Muslim apologist Shabir Ally.

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Religion 101: Sadhguru and Zakir Naik Compared

Sadhguru – “We don’t need more Hindus, more Christians, or more Muslims – we need more Buddhas, more Jesuses, and more Krishnas – then there will be true change. Every human being has that inner potential”

Read These First:-


(All the characteristics of a Yogi and more – Sadhguru has it all but he is also practical and a man who uses science as means to the end. He explains the basic of science & the impact clearer to a layman than in a science book – Image Source: Quora)

I have been following up with the teaching & speeches of Sadhguru in the past few years, not because he talks about Hinduism alone – most of the times he doesn’t even mention Hinduism – but rather he is one of the first Hindu Yogi who spoke more sense and does not shy away from the real issues that confront the world today – economy disparity, the abuse of power and worsening of the environment and the impact on humans.

Yes at the same time, he infuses the teachings and way of life as a Hindu in his talks but it is done very implicitly in forms of the laws of the universe, yoga, dharma and morality.

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