Indonesia Fire Hotspots & Haze

Indonesia Fire Hotspots Kalimantan

(No smoke without fire – the problem is haze does not respect borders. The hot spots are mainly emitting from Indonesia. Image source: ASMC)

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Environment 101: Haze, The Smoke Gets In My Eyes, Again!

smoke haze

(The hotspot in Indonesia is a yearly affair and it somehow the haze had become “tolerable” when by right it should not be the case. The above when Singapore faced the worst from the slash & burn activities in Indonesia. Image source:

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Governance 101: Seriously, It’s Only Common Sense, Right?

Common Sense

(It is common sense that petrol stations have plenty of flammable fuel, so imagine seeing a fire at the petrol station. Now imagine if you are next to it or worst, you and your love ones in the inferno. Image source:

You probably have seen the above sign at your nearest petrol station but you probably acted like an idiot and ignored it anyway.… [Click to read the rest] “Governance 101: Seriously, It’s Only Common Sense, Right?”

Unexpected Reporting

After couple of months of blogging, I realised that one of the essential items that a Blogger should have with him / her, all time, is a digital camera (I guess after the issue of the Squatgate, camera phone is also now acceptable) . It is because you will never know when you will be at the right place and at the right time to capture certain moments in camera.
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Fire Drills – How serious are you?

(No matter how old I am, I am still fascinated by the sound and looks of a fire truck. Picture – Malaysian Fire Trucks – source: )

We had a fire drill yesterday – it was a yearly event at the building where I am working. The fire drill went smoothly and like a clock work.
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Haze – The “Real” cause of it

Everyone knows that the source of the haze – it is from opening burning and Indonesia is the biggest culprit of all. It is not a secret. Everyone knows. But do you want to know the real cause of haze? Poor farmer in Indonesia? Nah, you are wrong!

This is what I think is the real cause.… [Click to read the rest] “Haze – The “Real” cause of it”

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