Mandatory Quarantine 2020: Part 1 – The Long, Tiring Transit in Changi Singapore

transit holding area changi singapore airport

(The “Transit Holding Area” at Changi Airport in Singapore is huge, spacious and well equipped. If your transit time is short, this will be an ideal place to catch your breath and get a quick rest before your flight. However, if your transit time is long, this is not a good place to catch your sleep and rest)

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When 1 is On A Critical Mission Overseas


(My favourite shot – taken when I am at departure gate, coming back home. It is also means mission completed successfully and I have 1 less thing to worry once I am back)

Hold on for a second whilst I l take a moment to dust off the dust from this blog.… [Click to read the rest] “When 1 is On A Critical Mission Overseas”

Travelling 101: KLIA – 3 Ways to Avoid Getting Lost in an Airport

cambodia klia

(KLIA is no doubt huge but it is not difficult to find the way around if you have done your homework and ask around)

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A Moment of Hibernation

It is a habit and it hits me every time I prepare for a long overseas deployment.

(Every time I get ready to fly, I slow down on many things. Perhaps it is my way of getting ready mentally. Image source:

A few days before going usually gets me to slow down on things – work, blog, housework and even photography (especially with a brand new DSLR lying around).… [Click to read the rest] “A Moment of Hibernation”

Trip to Brunei – First Impressions

(Where is Malaysia’s Ringgit in the list?)

The start of the journey was not without its dramatic moment and it started right in the KLIA terminal.

A man had an epileptic seizure and fell on the hard cold floor. A pool of dark blood was dripping from his broken skull and was flooding the floor.… [Click to read the rest] “Trip to Brunei – First Impressions”

Outbreak 2009: H1N1 Virus, 13th Death & Rising


(Why more deaths from H1N1 now than last time – where is the leakage in control & monitoring? Image source:

As at yesterday, Malaysia recorded the 13th death from H1N1 and unfortunately, recent deaths involve young children.

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