National Security 2020: Pondering Why Rohingyas Are Hated In Myanmar – Part 1 of 4

Rohingya Refugee Countries

Rohingya refugee crisis is a well known global crisis and other than Bangladesh who presently bears the majority of the refugees, others including Malaysia have taken them in and provided safe haven until the situation in Myanmar improves. The fact remains that these refugees must go back home in the end before they become a national threat to others.…

National Security 2020: Recent Intrusion of Chinese ships in Malaysian Waters


(The potential flashpoint for the next regional war is in South China Sea where in recent years, the Chinese Government has been very aggressively building naval bases complete with missile launch silos, gun emplacements, radar stations, communications towers, runways for heavy bombers and helipads. Photo source: The Sun UK)

Recently Chinese Government sent 8 doctors to assist our Ministry of Health on the war to contain and improve the recovery from COVID-19 infections.…

Spotlight on African Menace


(Still remember the audacity of Africans to fight the local authorities in Mantin? Does it not count as a serious threat to national security? Image source)

Whilst we welcome genuine Africans students to come over and get their higher education to better themselves and their country, we do not want criminals in disguise as students to come over and start creating problems and commit serious crimes here.…

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