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Environment 101: Toilets -When Some Malaysians Unfairly Laugh At India

India Toilet Akshay Kumar Movie

India is often criticized by some Malaysian commenters for its lack of toilets, which is a serious issue that has been addressed by various initiatives and even a movie. However, these commenters tend to ignore that other countries including Malaysia also face sanitation challenges. Therefore, it is unfair and biased to single out India for this problem without acknowledging the broader context and the efforts made to solve it. Image source: IMDB

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Parenting 101: Avoid Dark Side of Parenting

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(What young children really need is a strong, supportive and loving parents. Image source:

Another innocent life taken away all because of sheer recklessness:-

A four-year-old boy died after being left inside his father’s car at the parking lot of SM Kuala Nerang about 45km from Alor Setar.

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Governance 101: MH370 Tragedy – Interpol Hits Back at Malaysia


(It is not the first time the Malaysian authorities had some differences with Interpol. This is from the Wikipedia – Journalist Hamza Kashgari, who in February 2012 fled his home country of Saudi Arabia to avoid prosecution for apostasy, and was subsequently arrested in Malaysia. The Royal Malaysian Police initially asserted that they had arrested Kashgari because they had received an Interpol Red Notice request to do so. However, Interpol stated that no such notice had been issued, and the Malaysian police retracted their claim. Image source:

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