An Insane Travel Idea: One Day Trip to Tarrafal Part 2

The journey continues to Tarrafal after Part 1 here


From afar, we could see and even smell the sea and some of the guys started to get excited, probably because it was a welcomed change from the earlier dry, hilly route. Tarrafal was indeed a small town next to the sea but seems cleaner and more organised compared to Praia. The houses and commercial areas mostly two and three stories high were well organised and clean.

Seriously the Government and private enterprises need to do more to promote their beautiful beaches here. If this is in Malaysia, the plan would have been overrun by local and foreign tourists on the weekends. Just take a look at Port Dickson which is about 100 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur – there are already plenty of hotels, service apartments and houses for rent and the town continues to be developed for tourism.

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An Insane Travel Idea: One Day Trip to Tarrafal Part 1


The seaside town of Tarrafal lies on the other side of the island, about 70 kilometres from opposite side of Praia. It is not far but considering the condition of the road, it is expected to take us more than 2 hours to reach it. So when someone suggested for one day trip to the other side of island for a swim, at first it sounded insane but then it was clear that it was the break that everyone was waiting for. Image source: Google Map

When we are on work assignment overseas, we will rarely have time for sight seeing – after all, we are expected to work on weekends and till late night. In Cape Verde, things were a bit different – since the users are not available on the weekends, there are days when we are unable to work on weekends. So left to hole up in the hotel room, the team had a choice of either rest in the room or go for a walk and explore the town.

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Pangkor Break Part 4

Read Part 3 here

(Lunch was great though but only if we were early to queue up. Those coming late had less things to eat)

Lunch seemed to be so tasty after a “hard day at work” at the beach.

It was the 2nd day in Pangkor and frankly speaking, we started to get bored. The hotel room, the food and the pool was in a sorry state but then again, this is something we need to accept if we wanted some things to be free. Couple that with frequent blackouts and crowded beach and it does not look too good. Having nothing much to do was however a blessing in disguise, we managed to catch-up on our sleep.

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