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Shahrizat Abdul Jalil

Random Thoughts 101: Don’t You Feel Like…


Sometimes when you read the headlines and on the state of the nation, don’t you feel like looking down in sheer frustration and then look up and say a silent prayer? Image source: Inc.

Yes, no doubt there other positive things to look out for – a roof over your head, good health, lovable family and friends, good job with enough pay to take care of your family and live rather comfortably.… [Click to read the rest] “Random Thoughts 101: Don’t You Feel Like…”

Clean Elections 101: Is PM Talking Cock?

election cock talking PM language

(With elections around the corner, expect more incidents of talking cock to be sprouting out from the foamy mouth of the many half-past-six politicians around the country and on a more regular basis too. Image source:

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