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Personal Health 101: Unhealthy Health Diet


(Something related to health considering I had to skip my Wednesday posting yesterday because was held up in the hospital the whole day. The regular posting will continue next week).

I was at the hospital yesterday (my wife need to go for ultrasound, x-ray and scope all in one go) and was held up till 4 in the afternoon (no thanks to a slow insurance claim processing – I could have paid cash but since I am paying so much for insurance, the waiting was worth it).

Thankfully there were some magazines and a well stocked cafeteria to keep me occupied (although the hospital could have soft sofas instead of having hard cold steel chairs – try sitting on these for few hours).

I picked one health magazine and saw “national food” tagged as “unhealthy food” and setting aside taste & “national pride”, you have to agree with them. Just look at the 3 main culprits:-

Roti Canai

Nasi Lemak

Mee Goreng

(All images from

If those are unhealthy (let’s see – oil, coconut milk, oil), then now tell me, what ELSE an AVERAGE Malaysia eats for breakfast other than the above? Perhaps it is time to eat more thosai or some plain bread? Sigh, Malaysian food is working against the good health of Malaysians and it seems like there is nothing much we can do, can we?

it’s time to look for alternatives…

P.s. Ever noticed that ever since WordPress changed their Admin layout, there is more spam than ever? Wasting time deleting those spams.

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