Kodi Lee: You Are The Reason

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Nice and well done!

When I first heard Kodi Lee performing – there was some special indeed and which is why he got the golden buzzer on his first performance (it would have been cruel if the judges had not done that).

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Random Thoughts 101: Don’t You Feel Like…


Sometimes when you read the headlines and on the state of the nation, don’t you feel like looking down in sheer frustration and then look up and say a silent prayer? Image source: Inc.

Yes, no doubt there other positive things to look out for – a roof over your head, good health, lovable family and friends, good job with enough pay to take care of your family and live rather comfortably.… [Click to read the rest] “Random Thoughts 101: Don’t You Feel Like…”

India’s Got Talent 101: Almost Getting Killed Is Not a Talent!

india's got talent

(I have done up Part 3 of the trip to Oriental Paris but that post on India’s Got Talent has to wait for this classic – it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in Youtube)

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