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World War 2

World War 2 Movies: The Most Memorable Movies I Ever Seen

world war 2

(The last major war around the world at the same time was the World War 2 that happened between 1939 to 1945. For most of us who were not born then, we can understand the ultimate sacrifices that many gave from some of best movies ever made on this subject. Image source:

World War 2 was the last major conflict that we have faced and we all dread the start of World War 3 (which could mean end of mankind or worse, the planet earth).

I like history and I have collection of books and magazines on the subject at home but nothing portrays the event better than seeing them on movies. Over the years, we have been “bombarded” with many types of war movies and mini-series ranging from ancient wars (like “300” and “Braveheart”), World Wars (both 1 & 2), Vietnam Wars (still remember “Platoon”, “Full Metal Jacket” or “Apocalypse Now”?) and all the way to galactic war in a galaxy, far, far away (my favourite – “Star Wars”)

If you are looking for World War 2 movies for your collection, I strongly recommend these (in no particular order):-

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Childhood Memories: Part 12 – History of My Beloved Grandma

childhood grandma

(Thankfully most of us did not spend our childhood times during the tough times during World War 2 – Image source:

My grandmother – from my mother’s side is about 75 now (75 or 70, she can’t recall for she is not sure which year she was born).

She was born in Malaysia (Malaya back then), lived in Taiping where her father (my great grandfather) had a grocery shop (which meant they had rice for meals). She had a sister and 2 brothers and thanks to her father’s resourcefulness, the whole family survived through the Japanese occupation during the War World 2 (not making any trouble with the Japanese helped too).

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